Robust Growth: ATL prepares for the future with investments in technology, infrastructure

ROBUST GROWTH By Jodi Richards, Associate Editor ATL prepares for the future with investments in technology, infrastructure Lance Lyttle (left) and Ben DeCosta ATLANTA - Recently renamed, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta...

In-line EDS

Along with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's capital improvement project, comes construction of an in-line baggage screening system.
The $215 million project is expected to begin first quarter 2004. According to aviation general manager Ben DeCosta, an in-line system will be constructed at Concourse E for the arriving international passengers, of whom some 70 percent are connecting. The baggage will be screened before it goes out for domestic connections. Additionally, two roadways will be destroyed in phased construction to allow for the construction of a 70,000-square foot room underneath the roads to house the EDS machines.
Says DeCosta, "Bags will go on raceways into this room, go through the machines, and then back into the terminal for consolidation and then moved out to the aircraft."
The project is estimated to last into 2005, and airport officials are expecting financial assistance from the federal government. Explains DeCosta, "The breakdown of the current legislation is 75-25. We hope that will go to 90-10, but in any event, we're putting up our percentage using PFCs, and the federal percentage comes between AIP, discretionary grants, and an LOI under the memorandum of understanding where the TSA will pay us back their share every year for four years."
The current PFC at ATL is $4.50.

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