Contract Flight Training: Business expands with university contract

Business CONTRACT FLIGHT TRAINING Business expands with university contract By Jodi Richards, Associate Editor Nancy Grazzini Olson's newest endeavor: providing contract flight training for Minnesota State University...

As the flight school in Mankato grows, Olson plans to expand the successful programs at Thunderbird Aviation to Mankato Aviation, in particular its Young Flyers Program. Started ten years ago by Olson, the Young Flyer's Program brings in kids from ages seven to 15 for specialized clinics. She explains that participants meet over ten Saturdays to learn everything from how an airplane flies to what careers are available in aviation, as well as take an introductory flight with an instructor. "The program is for young kids to see if this is what they want," Olson says.

A continuation of this is Young Flyers II. For the same age group, this clinic offers students the opportunity to go more in-depth with aviation, including a cross-country flight. "This one is a little more detailed," Olson says.

A week-long summer camp is also conducted at Thunderbird Aviation, which Olson hopes to introduce to Mankato Aviation as well.

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