Growth by Association

BASEA's Janet Rose talks of changes she's seen since the Association's inception and offers insight into the organization's future.

January 2004

Janet Rose
First job in Ground Support:

Ground Support Magazine sat down at InterAirport Munich with BASEA's Administration Manager Janet Rose, who will be leaving her position after 20-plus years with the organization, to learn what lies ahead for BASEA. Brenda Jackson will succeed Rose in December. Ground Support wishes Ms. Rose all the best in her retirement.

Q.How has BASEA evolved since its inception?
A.I joined the original company that helped set up BASEA some 19 years ago, first as a receptionist, then progressed to working on the exhibitions side, where I was organising several major exhibitions and many of those were promoting airport equipment. Douglas Temple, my boss at that time, was keen to set up an airport equipment association and in 1987, the British Airport Equipment Association was formed. We are proud to say that several of those members who joined us at the very beginning are still with us today. There are 15 members on the board of BASEA, which includes our Chairman, Merrick Chrusciel, of Flying Start & Associates, and Vice Chairman Glen Dryhurst, of Lex Transfleet Ltd. The very first Chairman was Mike Doane of Douglas Equipment Ltd who led the Association for seven years. Now, we have about 80 member companies whose products and services cover a wide range of equipment and needs for airports worldwide.

Q.What are your responsibilities?
A.My duties include organising and attending Board Meetings, organising British groups at exhibitions and missions all over the world, administering and managing the day-to-day running of the Association and the office, working closely with Trade Partners UK, our government representatives and being a central point of contact. Requests come from members, government departments, the press, potential agents, and academia. Our aims include help with the promotion of our member companies through various channels: our website; the BASEA directory published annually; and we also keep our members updated weekly with sales leads and any relevant news via our Hot Tips sent by email. We attend many shows including InterAirport and GSE International Expo in the USA. Next year is another busy year for BASEA with a number of exhibitions and missions. In February we have a mission to Singapore and Vietnam, followed closely by a mission to Poland in March. We will put together programs of activity and visits with the valuable help of the Embassy in those countries. Usually we recruit a group of 10 to 15 companies who will take part in the missions. We get a lot of enquiries for equipment and services and we are normally able to source the right company from within our membership.

Q.What do you think have been some of the biggest changes in the Association?
A.Some years ago, we changed the name to the British Airport Services and Equipment Association to reflect the broader scope of members represented who provided important services rather than just products. We claim that from our own membership, we have the capability to design, build, and equip any airport in its entirety. September 11, 2001 certainly was a terrible blow for our industry, but things appear to be getting better. The changes in China seen over the 10 years that I have been going there for exhibitions have been amazing and are very much for the better. China is a growing, but very difficult market, but I know of companies who are doing very well in there. To do this they have had to adapt and set up offices there, or have entered into joint ventures.

Q.What do you feel the future holds for the industry, the Association, and you?
A.Trends for equipment will have to involve the changes necessary for the new A380 aircraft. We had representatives from Airbus who visited us and gave presentations to our members including one at our Open Board Meeting last year.

As for the future of the organization, we will continue to build on our membership, we will work closely with government for the benefit of our members, and continue to promote our companies strongly in the worldwide market. As for me, I have a dear little grandson with whom I want to spend more time, I will travel more, and I will take up hobbies again that I haven't had time for over these many busy years. I will miss all the people I have got to know over the years and I think of so many of them as my friends; but I hope I will be able to keep in touch with some of them from time to time.