Howard Gammon: From Fiberglass to Refueling

VITAL STATS Name: Howard Gammon Title: Chairman & Vice President Company: Gammon Technical Products, inc. Location: Manasquan, NJ Howard Gammon, Chairman and Vice President of Gammon Technical Products, Inc., talks about the growing pains along the...

Q.Are there other manufacturers that Gammon represents in addition to Velcon Filters?
A.Yes, we continue to represent Velcon in the northeast part of the US and in a few selected foreign countries. And we also represent firms such as Whittaker (formerly known as Thiem or Parker). They make refueling nozzles and control valves. We try to function as a "general store" so that a customer can obtain a component or instrument that is needed when fueling an aircraft. Some of the other firms we represent are Hannay for hose reels, Ametek for static bonding reels, OPW for swivels and overwing nozzles, CLA-VAL for filter control valves and Goodyear makes our Jetcraft Aviation Refueling hose. However, Gammon does not represent these companies everywhere.

Q.I have heard that you were given special recognition with the Award of Excellence at the ASTM meeting in Phoenix in December 2003. Can you tell us about it?
A.Yes, I have been active in the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for 40 years. I have been the chairman of several task groups that have written or amended ASTM test methods and procedures, mostly related to jet fuel cleanliness. Over the years, I have served on several other committees that have written or amended standards for equipment and procedures. For example, National Fire Protection Association-Bulletin 407, Society of Automatic Engineers, Coordinating Research Council, and Air Transport Association-ATA 103.

Q.You have managed Gammon Technical for 44 years. Why haven't you retired?
A.That really is not the case. I still get a salary because I work there every day but my son Jim has been running the business for the last 10 years and he is the one who has been behind our newer products.

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