Publisher's Sign-off

In our October issue, I offered $250 to the reader who would submit the best photo for our AMT Readers In Action contest.

As usual, it was very difficult to pick a winner. Many of the photos received were very creative. In the end, it was clear, however that our cover shot by Chris McCarn was by far the most creative and entertaining. The technical aspects of the shot were also quite appealing. In the picture are MiYang Kim, Avionics technician, and Joe Newman, A&P mechanic.

This is not to take away from the other quite exceptional photos taken by our other readers as seen by a few examples on this page. Thank you for your submissions. We can certainly plan on doing this on an annual basis in each January issue of AMT, so start taking photos for next year.


2005 promises many exciting opportunities relative to AMT and offerings to its readers. Beginning with our January/February AMT test, and continuing with the opportunity to renew your IA and gain AMT Awards credits with AMT's Online IA renewal training, to an Aviation Industry Week show that promises to be the best ever, AMT subscribers can count on us to keep increasing opportunities and offerings. Stay tuned, there's much more to come. And welcome to 2005!