A&Ps: The Female Workforce

According to data released from the FAA, there are 5,734 certificated women mechanics and 1,800 repairmen compared to a total of 313,032 certificated mechanics.

"A second challenge came from learning what my limits were, both on an interpersonal level and physically. It took me time to give myself permission to ask for help, in moving huge stands or loosening corroded bolts. What I realized is that in this business every one asks for help, guys much bigger than me would ask for assistance with moving these stands; it was the wise thing to do. As women we can make ourselves 'outsiders' in lots of different ways. When we become aware that it is not the 'guys' but ourselves who are creating the distances at work, it makes a tremendous difference. Some very patient men taught me that. We are all tested in this industry. Each of us must be tested, because it's a dangerous job and lives depend upon our knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the other people we work with. It's important not to take it personally." AMT


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