Tuned Exhaust: How it impacts your aircraft engine

A brief primer on tuned exhaust systems.

Another wear item to pay attention to is the clamp that attaches the muffler to the rest of the collector assembly. The clamp is familiar to mechanics who work on Pipers, which is a clamp with a pin in it. There's a hole drilled in one tube and a hole drilled in the other tube. The pin goes through the two tubes kind of like a clevis bolt. If there is a lot of wear or movement, the bolt can have a tendency to wear. If it goes uncorrected for too long, it can shear. If that clamp shears off, there is nothing holding that muffler in place anymore, and it will depart the aircraft. So you want to remove that clamp and inspect it. It typically needs to be removed during inspection in order to remove the cowling.

As a final note, Tilman stresses the importance of dynamic balancing. An out of balance engine can wreak havoc on your aircraft including the muffler system.

This has been a brief primer on tuned exhaust systems. For more information, be sure to contact Power Flow Systems.

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