Safety Matters: Fall Protection

Fall protection and standards have been developed worldwide.

Developing a plan

Once you have determined what equipment is needed in your operation by analyzing the tasks performed at elevated heights and acquired the appropriate items, training is the next step. Each mechanic affected should know how the equipment works, how to inspect all components, how they should be maintained, and a storage area should be allocated so items can be stored in a clean, dry area to avoid sunlight and corrosion. Training can be handled by internal experts familiar with the equipment or the manufacturers of the systems which often offer training as part of the package. And to stay familiar with equipment and usage training should occur on a fairly frequent basis as equipment may be updated and new employees hired.

And what if someone does fall and injure themselves? You should have a rescue plan in place to assist the injured party as soon as possible without any further injuries occurring. The extent of injuries should be determined and first-aid administered before trying to move the individual. Guidelines should be outlined in your fall prevention plan and someone should be designated as a safety manager or lead person to ensure that medical attention is provided if necessary and that procedures are reviewed to prevent injuries from occurring again.

With knowledge of fall protection regulations, the proper equipment, and a plan of action you and your facility can focus on aircraft maintenance and avoid serious injuries.

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