Are We There Yet? Systems that keep passengers informed

With the evolution of longer range transport aircraft one of the leading questions for aircraft operators is how to keep the passengers occupied during the journey.

The design of the system brings troubleshooting to a point of almost being a science. By taking advantage of the maintenance diagnostics and making observations on the display monitors of the various screens, avenues of exploration can be realized and the maintenance screens then used to give a true direction to solving various problems. If for example the aircraft symbol appearing on the moving map periodically goes to a point off the coast of Africa even though the aircraft is flying over West Texas it may be that the position information feeding the Airshow from the aircraft Flight Management System (FMS) may have been lost if even for a moment. By going into the maintenance diagnostic mode a real-time viewing of FMS or any other input data can be monitored and what may appear to be an Airshow problem might be traced to another aircraft system.

Utilization of aircraft telephone connections for Airshow network access is one area that can pose a drawback. The high costs associated with some Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Systems can make system demonstrations and even troubleshooting sessions very costly events.

Well I guess that now we know the answer to "when do we get there"? I guess the only other thing is "when do we eat"? AMT

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