Publisher's Sign-off

For two years, AMT magazine has been tracking state-by-state the progress to proclaim May 24 AMT Day. Our own Joe Escobar lead the effort in Wisconsin to declare May 24 AMT Day and it was approved by the state in 2003.

For those of you that are not familiar with AMT Day, an FAA inspector named Richard ?Dilly' Dilbeck, FAA safety program manager at the Federal Aviation Administration's Sacramento Flight Standards District Office, originated the idea and spread the word on his desire to create an AMT Day centered around the birthday of the first aircraft mechanic Charles Taylor, mechanic for the Wright Brothers. Many were inspired by Dilly's efforts and began their own attempts to lobby their state legislatures to make May 24 officially AMT Day. Dilly continued to support the efforts and enlisted AMT magazine to help track the progress. (He continues to support and lead efforts to this day).

Five years later, 28 states (plus Puerto Rico) have passed legislation, 14 states have made efforts toward legislation and only eight states have made no effort. The states that have not made an effort are: Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Rhode island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. By the way - if you are an aircraft mechanic in any of these states your help is requested to lobby your local legislature to declare May 24 AMT Day. Don't know how to get started? You can contact Richard Dilbeck at 916-422-0272 Ext. 229 for help on submitting a request to your state.

But wait, that's not all. A new effort is now underway to make AMT Day nationally recognized. House Resolution 586 is an AMT Day resolution that is currently before the (108th Congress) as you're reading this. The industry needs all technicians to email their congressmen and ask for the passing of House Resolution 586.

So does this mean that you should wait until AMT Day is nationally recognized before celebrating May 24? Many in the industry have already begun. State by state, various efforts are underway to celebrate May 24. At least one airline, upon launching its flights on May 24 sends a congratulatory note to line maintenance crew via the intercom. Frontier Airlines is another example of a company that holds a cookout and invites state dignitaries to celebrate the day - complete with an AMT Day cake and lots of food.

AMT magazine isn't waiting either. In honor of AMT Day, we are allowing technicians to join the new AMTSociety for $24 on May 24. This is more than 50 percent off of the normal $49 membership fee! Note that AMTSociety membership cards also celebrate Charles Taylor as the father of aircraft maintenance.

We hope you take the time to celebrate AMT Day. Whether it's writing or sending an email to your congressman (find yours at, having a cookout at your place of business, starting an effort to get AMT Day approved in your state, or joining AMTSociety, it's important for aircraft mechanics to be honored and celebrated for the hard work they do to keep flying safe!

Greg Napert
Proud to be an A&P