Publisher's Sign-off

We need your help! AMT magazine would like to announce a call for papers to spotlight winners of the FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award.

AMT has written articles about the FAA's Charles Taylor Award in the past. Now we want to honor Charles Taylor Award recipients for the many contributions they have made to safety, technological advances, and professionalism in the aircraft maintenance industry by featuring a different Charles Taylor Master Mechanic story each month in the pages of AMT.

If you know someone who is a Charles Taylor Award recipient and should be featured in the pages of AMT, contact us. Don't let these stories go untold! Send your suggestion and contact information to:

AMT Magazine
1233 Janesville Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Or e-mail to .

* * *

And on that subject, AMTSociety is now honoring these heroes with an Honorary Membership to AMTSociety. Any Charles Taylor Award recipient that calls and requests a membership will be given a free AMTSociety membership for the asking.

* * *

Congratulations Tom Hendershot of Frontier Airlines for his recent receipt of the Charles Taylor Award. We reprint the following letter received by Tom, from the actual grandson of Charles Taylor, in honor of all Charles Taylor recipients.