Lubricants and Chemicals


Aviall distributes a wide range of lubricants and chemicals from the industry’s leading manufacturers including AeroShell, Air BP, Anderol, ExxonMobil, Henkel, Loctite, LPS Laboratories, Pantheon Chemical and Solutia. For more information visit or call (800) AVIALL-1.

Aviation Oil

With ExxonMobil’s Exxon Aviation Oil 20W-50 and Exxon Elite your aircraft’s piston engine will have year-round protection from break-in to TBO. They perform year-round in high- and low-temperature climates, are approved by leading manufacturers, and are compatible with all nondispersant oils. Exxon Aviation Oil 20W-50 is the break-in oil to use before switching to Exxon Elite. For more information call (804) 378-0002 or visit

Lubricants and Cleaners

AeroShell offers a full range of aviation lubricants and aircraft cleaners and polishes. All products are fully tested and approved by U.S. military and key OEMs. AeroShell has a distribution network that makes the products easily available. For more information visit


AVBLEND penetrates, cleans, lubricates, and protects aircraft piston engines from the inside out. It is FAA approved. AVBLEND prevents rust and corrosion, valves from sticking, and premature wear on vital engine parts.It extends engine life and restores peak combustion performance. For more information visit

Compressor Cleaner

R-MC Compressor Cleaner from ECT eliminates problems due to fouling by removing contaminants from airfoil surfaces. Regular cleaning with R-MC increases power, lowers exhaust gas temperatures, reduces fuel consumption, and prevents compressor stalls. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable, and OEM approved. Premix or concentrate. For more information visit

Maintenance Chemicals

Zip-Chem Products manufactures a broad line of aircraft maintenance products including corrosion inhibiting compounds, lubricants, appearance products, avionics cleaners, and surface preparation cleaner/degreasers. Cor-Ban CIC is a thin film, fast drying, long lasting, easily detectable, light weight, and economical. For more information visit or call (408) 782-2335.

Aircraft and Metal Cleaner

Orison SC Aircraft and Metal Cleaner is a biobased exterior aircraft wash certified to MIL-PRF-97937, Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD#1, and SCAQMD. It requires no personal protection equipment, will not harm mechanical equipment, and is non-toxic as well as environmentally safe. It is easy to use, just spray it on and wipe it off. It is available in concentrate, ready to use heavy duty (1:4), and regular duty (1:9). For more information visit or call (800) 460-2403.

Aircraft Cleaners

Solvent Kleene offers aircraft paint strippers that are Boeing spec’d and U.S. Air Force approved. Aircraft exterior cleaners and degreasers are also available. Both lines are nonhazardous. Features include easy spray for vertical and clinging characteristics. For more information visit or email

Aviation Oil

Phillips 66 offers a line of aviation oils for piston engine aircraft, including multi-viscosity oils for all climate protection to single grades, break-in oils, and preservation oils. It offers the only multigrade aviation oil you can use from break-in to TBO (time before overhaul). All of the aviation oils offered by Phillips 66 are 100 percent mineral-based multigrade oils and maintain film strength under high load conditions. The oils are designed for use in all seasons. For more information call (800) 766-0050 or visit