Ground Support Equipment

AC/DC Ground Power Unit
Unitron’s solid-state combination AC/DC ground power unit (GPU) provides simultaneous 28v DC and 400 Hz AC power. It is available in mobile, towable, and fixed configurations. The GPU is a cost-effective and efficient way to service a mixed fleet of aircraft. It features a compact and lightweight design and is suitable for both ramp and hangar use. Output power ratings are up to 90 kVA AC with 450 amps continuous DC and 2,000 amps DC start current. For more information visit

Oxygen and Nitrogen Boosters
Taughannock Aviation’s oxygen and nitrogen boosters are used to boost low-pressure bottle to higher specified pressures. This allows greater utilization of low-pressure bottles, thus lowering the number of cylinders kept in inventory and significantly decreasing the amount of wasted oxygen and nitrogen. The boosters are compact, lightweight, user friendly, bring bottle pressure below 500 psi, and automatically shut off at desired set pressure. For more information call (607) 257-7500 or visit

Safety Nut Kit for 30-Ton Jacks
Tronair offers a hand wheel style safety nut kit for 5- to 30-ton Tronair jacks. It is an easy installation retrofit and is designed for speed and locking of tripod jacks. The cast wheel completely surrounds the pinch point. It quickly threads the nut fastener portion of the wheel to jack lock position. Kits are available for single and two-stage jacks. For more information visit

Aircraft Winches
Wag-Aero offers an aircraft winch that can move aircraft up to 3,000 pounds rolling weight. Just hook the cable to the tail tie-down ring and press the button. The standard model is available in either floor or wall mount versions with 75 feet of cable and 100 feet of control cord with an automatic safety shut-off. The heavy-duty model includes a metal wind-up drum, 100 feet of cable, 125 feet of control cord, and moves aircraft up to 8,000 pounds. For more information call (800) 558-6868 or visit

The 15- to 33-foot platform height 2646EX scissorlift from Man & Material Lift Engineering can be used for aircraft painting in hazardous environments such as Class I, Division I, and Group D. It features smooth proportional controls, 24-volt battery, 42-inch by 84-inch platform, 500- to 1,000-pound capacity, 3-foot extendable deck, and three-way automatic stop bump protection. For more information visit

Hydraulic Power Units
A&P Hydraulics offers hydraulic power units for airlines, regional, military, corporate, general aviation aircraft, and helicopters. Single and dual systems are available. The power units feature stainless-steel construction, 100 percent duty cycle, complete two-year warranty, and super clean filtration. A&P provides on-site training. For more information visit or call (910) 371-1151.

Ground Support Equipment
Reno Machine manufactures service tools and ground support equipment. With 48 years of proven experience, Reno provides precision machining and expert workmanship, realistic production schedules, and responsive service. For more information visit or call (860) 666-7407.

Portable Access System
Unique Concepts offers portable access systems to provide fall protection when working on aircraft. Workers are safe from the ground up. The systems maximize efficient use of hangar space and can be used for small repairs on the ramp. The systems do not touch the aircraft and are designed not to damage aircraft in the event of a fall. For more information call (800) 455-9673 or visit

Aeroduct Hose and Ducting
The Aeroduct line from HBD/Thermoid offers a wide variety of high performance, application engineered commercial ground support, general aviation hose, and ducting products. Jet starter hose is lightweight, flexible, and resists harsh conditions. Preconditioned air system ducting is lightweight and versatile while handling large volumes of air. CAT/CEET/SCAT/SCEET are flexible, lightweight, and versatile ducting products that handle hot or cold air. MIL-DTL-6000 oil and coolant hose meets/exceeds U.S. military specs. TUFTEX lavatory drain hose is lightweight and flexible even in cold climates. For more information visit or call (800) 835-0682.

Multi-Head Storage Rack
Tronair offers a stainless-steel multi-head storage rack for 500 Series Tronair heads. It features swivel casters with two lockable wheels, a low profile to keep hangar floor space organized, and is 36 inches long, 16 inches wide, 14 inches high, and weighs 23 pounds. Additional units can be attached together as needed. For more information visit

28V DC Start/Maintenance Cart
Unitron’s 28v DC start maintenance cart is a solid-state unit that provides 600 amps continuous DC power and up to 2,000 amps starting current. It meets the National Electrical Code hazard area clearance requirements for hangars. It is available in mobile or wall-mounted configurations. For more information visit

Cordless Power Tow Bar
Tow Buddy power tow bars from Wag-Aero feature a battery-operated electric design for reliable cordless operation. The forward and reverse buttons are conveniently located right on the control handle. Infinite speed control is conveniently located on the control handle between the forward and reverse buttons, just dial in the desired speed. Features include 12-volt cordless electric power, nose gear quick attach for easy hookup, adjustable fork and handle heights, and weighs 95 pounds. For more information visit or call (800) 558-6868.

Service Unit With TKS Anti-Ice Fluid Reservoirs
Tronair offers a service unit with TKS anti-ice fluid reservoirs. It features a 7-gallon stainless-steel wheeled tank with pull handle and a squeeze-type instant release shutoff fill nozzle with 15 feet of hose and 37-degree JIC swivel connector. The unit uses shop air at 85 psi with 125-psi safety relief valve and fluid filtration at 2 micron absolute. It is designed for quick and easy preflight TKS reservoir top-off. For more information visit