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Engine Maintenance D&D Turbines provides Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine maintenance, overhaul, and field service. It has Pratt & Whitney Canada trained technicians. Field service is provided by its AOG mobile repair van 24/7. D&D is a M.O.R.E. experienced...

Lightweight Alternators
Meet the next generation of aircraft alternators engineered to satisfy today’s increasing demands. Kelly Aerospace offers new and factory overhauled aircraft alternators. Its new light-weight, compact, alternators are designed specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today’s aircraft electrical systems.

  • 60 amp, 28 volt
  • Size: 6-inch d x 4.25-inch w, a 2/3 average reduction
  • Weighs 7 pounds, a 40 percent average reduction
  • High altitude brushes
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Replacement Cylinder STC
    ECi was awarded a supplemental Type Certificate SE10129SC by the FAA for improvements in the TITAN replacement cylinders for the C-/200/300 Series engines. The performance upgrade incorporates changes from the original Type Certificate. The Roto-Coil reduces the buildup of carbon and varnish. The exhaust valve allows for positive rotation of the valve each time it is opened, presenting fresh mating surfaces to valve stem and guide. Teflon buttons are installed at each end of the rocker shaft to prevent the rocker shaft ends from wearing into and possibly through the rocker cover, leading to oil loss and possible oil starvation. For more information visit www.eci2fly or call (800) 324-2359.

    Propeller System
    Hartzell Propeller offers a three-bladed propeller conversion kit for landplane versions of the Cessna R172K Hawk XP aircraft. Testing has demonstrated improved take-off acceleration through 55 KIAS, increased maximum rate of climb performance below 10,000 feet, and a 1- to 3-knot increase in cruise speed at 60 to 80 percent power settings. The kit provides an improved 2,400-hour, six-year TBO and comes with the Hartzell Plus Three warranty which provides a full three years or 1,000 hours of coverage. For more information call (800) 942-7767 or visit www.hartzellprop.com.

    Power Section Repair
    Prime Turbines offers PT6 power section repair including PT disc change, lightning strike, prop strike, and metal in oil. The focus is on repair not overhaul. Prime Turbines offer quick turn around. Prime Turbines supports the MORE program. For more information visit www.prime-turbines.com or call (508) 771-4744.

    Ignition Harness
    New ignition harness from Kelly Aerospace. FAA/PMA Approved for: Franklin, Teledyne Continental Motors, and Textron Lycoming. Plated steel nut for superior strength compared to aluminum nuts and reduce the potential for galling during installation. Using a tinned-copper nickel plated braid shielding substantially reduces EMI and combined with a very flexible 19-strand conductor of stainless-steel wire provides the ultimate in wire conductivity and ease of installation. The abrasion-resistant red polymer cover has been engineered specifically for the high-temperature environment of reciprocating engines. Kelly Aerospace ignition harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design (the tip of the coil spring extends inward) allowing the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode, providing 360 contact. Ignition energy is maximized and flashover is reduced to a minimum. Replacement springs are available separately saving you time and money when a field repair is necessary. You have the option of using straight or 90-degree elbow leads to make the installation neat and easy. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Hot Section
    Prime Turbines’ PT6 engine hot section kit inspection, repair and recertification includes CT disc and blade, small exit duct assembly, liner, ducts, and T5 components.

  • Your choice of OEM or FAAPMA parts
  • We support the MORE program
  • Guaranteed “Zero Grind”
  • Quality workmanship
  • One day turn time on request
  • Repairs or exchange
  • For more information visit www.prime-turbines.com or call (508) 771-4744.

    Aircraft Parts
    Jet Parts Inc. is a supplier of most rotable spares for Falcon, Gulfstream, and Hawker series aircraft. It also offers exchanges, outright sales, and live AOG service 24/7. Jet Parts stocks more than 30,000 line items and provides OEM tags with most parts. For more information visit www.jetpartsinc.com or call (800) 367-7787. Fuel Pumps Kelly Aerospace engine driven positive displacement pump is for Lycoming engines. It is FAA approved (STC and PMA).

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