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Engine Maintenance D&D Turbines provides Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine maintenance, overhaul, and field service. It has Pratt & Whitney Canada trained technicians. Field service is provided by its AOG mobile repair van 24/7. D&D is a M.O.R.E. experienced...

PMA Parts
Northstar Turbine is a manufacturer’s representative for Turbo Products, RdF Corp., and Global Turbine. It is also the source of information about FAA PMA PT6 hot section parts.

  • FAA PMA parts now approved for use in Canada and Brazil
  • T5/T6 thermocouples, large and small exit ducts
  • CT blades, CT vanes, CT vane rings, segments
  • Time-proven PMA parts
  • Top quality, substantial savings
  • Overhauls both PMA and OEM
  • For more information visit www.pt6pma.com.

    Magnaflite Lightweight Starter
    Kelly Aerospace MagnaFlite Lightweight Starter offers the most powerful starter technology available today.

  • FAA/PMA approved for most Lycoming engines
  • Designed exclusively for the aircraft engine applications
  • Weighs 7.9 pounds
  • Improved cranking power over conventional starters
  • Easy to install with no engine/cowling modifications required
  • “No Hassle” warranty
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Engine Support
    Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Service Center Network is a one-stop shop for engine repair and overhaul; component repair, exchange, and outright sale; accessory repair, overhaul, and exchanges; pay-by-the-hour programs; and engine diagnostics. Features include 24-hour AOG support, a mobile repair team, fly-in facilities, and 19 international facilities on five continents. For more information visit www.pwc.ca.

    Turbine Engine Repair
    Wall Colmonoy, San Antonio, specializes in turbine engine component overhaul and repair. As an FAA certified repair station it is approved to work on Rolls-Royce 250 and Pratt & Whitney PT6, JT15D, and PW901. It offers dimensional restoration per the engine OEM repair specification; Colmonoy coatings to protect from heat, corrosion, and abrasion; Nicrobraz brazing filler metals for strong assemblies; and fluoride ion cleaning process to remove oxides in cracks. For more information call (210) 924-5061 or visit www.wallcolmonoy.com.

    Kit Engine With Fuel Injection
    In 2006 Engine Components Inc. (ECi) will offer the TITAN EXP kit engine with fuel injection and cold induction systems. It will be the first mechanical-type fuel injection system available for 320/360 Series engines. The mechanical system weighs less than servo-type systems. Other features include lightweight-magnesium cold induction system, increased horsepower, and a smoother running engine due to better fuel distribution. For more information call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    Repair Station
    Penn Yan Aero is an FAA-authorized repair station with 60 years of remanufacturing, repairing, ­improving, and providing aircraft engines. It is an authorized Lycoming and Continental distributor, and a Superior Millennium engine facility. For more information call (800) 727-7230 or visit www.pennyanaero.com.

    Replacement Parts
    Engine Components Inc. (ECi) manufactures more than 900 FAA-PMA replacement piston aircraft engine parts and assemblies for Lycoming and TCM engines. Parts included in the rapidly growing certificated TITAN products line are cylinder assemblies, crankcases, crankshafts, camshafts, gaskets, gears, pistons, rings, valves, valve seats, and valve guides. TITAN products exceed OEM and FAA requirements. For more information call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    Replacement Crankshafts
    Engine Components Inc. (ECi) offers FAA/PMA replacement crankshafts for Lycoming 320/360 engines. The plated coating on heavy flange configuration extends into the bore so that corrosion, as addressed in Lycoming’s SB 505, is prevented from occurring. They are machined on state-of-the-art CNC machines and produced from 4340 VAR forged steel. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

    Engine Services
    Dallas Airmotive is an OEM-authorized turbine engine repair and overhaul company. Engines serviced include Rolls-Royce Spey, Tay, 250; Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A/T, JT15D, PW300, PW500; Honeywell TFE731, ALF502, and 36 Series APU. Dallas Airmotive has 90 field service representatives worldwide and offers 24/7/365 service. More than 250 rental engines are available. For more information call (800) 527-5003 or visit www.dallasairmotive.com.

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