Engines and Engine Parts

Engine Maintenance
D&D Turbines provides Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine maintenance, overhaul, and field service. It has Pratt & Whitney Canada trained technicians. Field service is provided by its AOG mobile repair van 24/7. D&D is a M.O.R.E. experienced service center. Other services include hot section inspection and repair with zero grind installation. For more information visit www.PT6service.com.

Engine Vibration Isolators
Lord Corp. 737-300/400/500 engine vibration isolators are proven to stay on-wing. exceeding engine HMV. The largest 737 operators use the Lord LM-321 system exclusively. Benefits include longest on-wing life, high reliability, and no engine drops due to Lord isolators. Lord offers a cost-saving remanufactured parts program. Service is available 24/7 through most popular airline distributors. For more information visit www.lord.com or call (800) 458-0456.

Engine Overhaul & Repair Services
Wood Group Turbopower, an FAA/JAR authorized repair station, provides complete overhaul and repair of P&WC PT6A/T and Rolls-Royce T56/ 501D engines. It is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, with regional shops in Pasadena, California, and North Bay, Ontario.

  • OEM-correlated test cells
  • Rolls-Royce authorized maintenance center
  • M.O.R.E. company PT6 TBO extension STC distributor
  • FAA approved PT6 PMA parts distributor
  • Parts and engine repairs and sales
  • For more information visit www.woodgroupturbopower.com.

    Tach Generator
    Kelly Aerospace stocks the popular styles of tach generators with overhaul of customer unit also available. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Commuter Air Technology offers cost-efficient CATPASS enhancements that include exhaust gas extractors, wilderness tires, cargo pods, high density seating, and zero fuel weight increase kit. Benefits include higher performance, improved reliability, lower operating cost, increased space for passengers and luggage, and smoother taxi, take-offs, and landings. For more information visit www.commuterair.com.

    Aviation Spark Plugs
    Now there are two ways to complete Unison’s piston ignition system: Autolite massive electrode aviation spark plugs and Autolite XL fine wire aviation spark plugs. They feature bright nickel plating for corrosion protection. Fine wire spark plugs have black paint for corrosion protection and projected gap design for maximum spark exposure. For more information visit www.autoliteannie.com or call (904) 739-4145.

    Air Filters
    Challenger Aviation air filters are made with K&N media and will increase engine horsepower by 3 to 5 percent. Made with surgical cotton, the filters are recleanable. Other benefits include an increase of manifold pressure by 1 inch and improved fuel economy. For more information visit www.challengeraviation.com.

    Engine Replacement Parts
    Superior Air Parts is a manufacturer of FAA-approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. It also provides aftermarket replacement engines and owner-built engines for the experimental market (Millennium, Vantage, and XP-360). For more information visit www.superiorairparts.com or www.xp-360.com.

    General Aviation Filters
    If you own or operate a Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna, or Mooney airplane, chances are good that it was delivered with Donaldson filters onboard. Donaldson’s general aviation filters feature durable construction, pleated synthetic filter media, and high efficiency and dust loading capacity. Donaldson offers more than 40 years’ experience. For more information visit www.donaldson.com or call (952) 887-3435.

    Engine Parts
    Aviall distributes and is a supply chain service provider for a wide range of parts from the industry’s leading engine manufacturers and suppliers including GE, Rolls-Royce, Lycoming, and Teledyne/Continental. For more information visit www.aviall.com or call (800) AVIALL-1.

    PMA Parts
    Northstar Turbine is a manufacturer’s representative for Turbo Products, RdF Corp., and Global Turbine. It is also the source of information about FAA PMA PT6 hot section parts.

  • FAA PMA parts now approved for use in Canada and Brazil
  • T5/T6 thermocouples, large and small exit ducts
  • CT blades, CT vanes, CT vane rings, segments
  • Time-proven PMA parts
  • Top quality, substantial savings
  • Overhauls both PMA and OEM
  • For more information visit www.pt6pma.com.

    Magnaflite Lightweight Starter
    Kelly Aerospace MagnaFlite Lightweight Starter offers the most powerful starter technology available today.

  • FAA/PMA approved for most Lycoming engines
  • Designed exclusively for the aircraft engine applications
  • Weighs 7.9 pounds
  • Improved cranking power over conventional starters
  • Easy to install with no engine/cowling modifications required
  • “No Hassle” warranty
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Engine Support
    Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Service Center Network is a one-stop shop for engine repair and overhaul; component repair, exchange, and outright sale; accessory repair, overhaul, and exchanges; pay-by-the-hour programs; and engine diagnostics. Features include 24-hour AOG support, a mobile repair team, fly-in facilities, and 19 international facilities on five continents. For more information visit www.pwc.ca.

    Turbine Engine Repair
    Wall Colmonoy, San Antonio, specializes in turbine engine component overhaul and repair. As an FAA certified repair station it is approved to work on Rolls-Royce 250 and Pratt & Whitney PT6, JT15D, and PW901. It offers dimensional restoration per the engine OEM repair specification; Colmonoy coatings to protect from heat, corrosion, and abrasion; Nicrobraz brazing filler metals for strong assemblies; and fluoride ion cleaning process to remove oxides in cracks. For more information call (210) 924-5061 or visit www.wallcolmonoy.com.

    Kit Engine With Fuel Injection
    In 2006 Engine Components Inc. (ECi) will offer the TITAN EXP kit engine with fuel injection and cold induction systems. It will be the first mechanical-type fuel injection system available for 320/360 Series engines. The mechanical system weighs less than servo-type systems. Other features include lightweight-magnesium cold induction system, increased horsepower, and a smoother running engine due to better fuel distribution. For more information call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    Repair Station
    Penn Yan Aero is an FAA-authorized repair station with 60 years of remanufacturing, repairing, ­improving, and providing aircraft engines. It is an authorized Lycoming and Continental distributor, and a Superior Millennium engine facility. For more information call (800) 727-7230 or visit www.pennyanaero.com.

    Replacement Parts
    Engine Components Inc. (ECi) manufactures more than 900 FAA-PMA replacement piston aircraft engine parts and assemblies for Lycoming and TCM engines. Parts included in the rapidly growing certificated TITAN products line are cylinder assemblies, crankcases, crankshafts, camshafts, gaskets, gears, pistons, rings, valves, valve seats, and valve guides. TITAN products exceed OEM and FAA requirements. For more information call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    Replacement Crankshafts
    Engine Components Inc. (ECi) offers FAA/PMA replacement crankshafts for Lycoming 320/360 engines. The plated coating on heavy flange configuration extends into the bore so that corrosion, as addressed in Lycoming’s SB 505, is prevented from occurring. They are machined on state-of-the-art CNC machines and produced from 4340 VAR forged steel. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

    Engine Services
    Dallas Airmotive is an OEM-authorized turbine engine repair and overhaul company. Engines serviced include Rolls-Royce Spey, Tay, 250; Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A/T, JT15D, PW300, PW500; Honeywell TFE731, ALF502, and 36 Series APU. Dallas Airmotive has 90 field service representatives worldwide and offers 24/7/365 service. More than 250 rental engines are available. For more information call (800) 527-5003 or visit www.dallasairmotive.com.

    Superior Air Parts provides aftermarket replacement engines and owner-built engines for the experimental market (Millennium and XP-360). Its Vantage engine is the first U.S.-built and FAA-certified piston engine in 50 years. Superior also manufactures FAA-approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. For more information visit www.superiorairparts.com or www.xp-360.com.

    Fuel System Overhauls
    Look to Kelly Aerospace for quality fuel system overhauls.

  • FAA approved replacement parts
  • Highly skilled/trained technicians
  • Over 75 years combined experience
  • Mass airflow testing on 100 percent of carburetors
  • 100 percent calibration of fuel pumps and servos
  • Largest exchange pool in the industry
  • Distributed worldwide through leading aviation wholesale ­distributors
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Centrifugal Fuel Pumps
    Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ centrifugal fuel pumps provide proven performance in aircraft and aircraft engines, as well as in radar cooling systems. They feature inverted flight capability, fully submerged operation, explosion-proof electric motors, liquid seal priming element, and dry run capability. Large installed base in commercial and military applications. For more information call (425) 743-8392 or visit www.craneaerospace.com.

    Kit Engine
    The TITAN KitEngine by Engine Components Inc. (ECi) features FAA-PMA approved parts and components, air-cooled TITAN cylinder assemblies, wide deck crankcase with Dynafocal Type “1” 30-degree or conical engine mounts, and horizontally opposed, fixed pitch, or constant speed. All dynamic parts are balanced. It is available at highly qualified and certified custom KitEngine shops. Call (800) 324-2359 for your free KitEngine information packet (MKIT101) and for the engine builders and suppliers nearest you. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com.

    FAA-Approved Parts
    HEICO Aerospace holds more than 3,800 PMAs and delivers more than 2,500,000 parts from stock each year. It develops more than 300 highly engineered parts each year that range from nuts and bolts to combustors and blades. HEICO has 45 years of PMA design and manufacturing experience and offers 24/7 product support. For more information visit www.heico.com.

    Instruments & Accessories
    AVGROUP is a stocking distributor of accessories, instruments, and avionics for turbine-powered, corporate-class aircraft. It has a repair station (FAA/EASA) to service units from all major avionics lines. AVGROUP offers 24/7 AOG service. For more information call (800) 458-6177 or visit www.jetparts.com.

    Titan Cylinder Assemblies
    TITAN cylinder assemblies by Engine Components Inc. (ECi) are FAA-PMA replacement cylinders for Lycoming and TCM engines. They feature TITAN Advanced aluminum alloy, Nickel + Carbide barrel coating, plasma sprayed top compression ring, and valve guide ballizing. For a free booklet (#M105) on these and other features call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    Oil Filters
    Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. Keep it clean with Kelly Aerospace Oil Filters. FAA/PMA approved for Lycoming and Continental engines. Independent laboratory test proves the filter performs equivalent to the competition with six less pleats. Precision cut threads. Leaf spring vs. a coiled spring. Equivalent can burst pressure and no need to purchase a new can cutting tool. Shorter than the competitor’s original filter height. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Engine Control Overhaul
    International Governor Services Inc. specializes in the overhaul and exchange of turbine engine controls. AOG service is available 24/7. Specific component capabilities include: PT6 and JT15D fuel controls; PT6A, PT6T, TPE-331 governors; PW100 torque limiter and topping governors, and CJ610/CF700 overspeed governors. For more information call (303) 464-0043 or visit www.internationalgovernor.com.

    Presintered Preforms
    Wesgo Metals, a division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics, offers its presintered preform (PSP), for high-temperature braze applications. These multi-component systems are designed for both dimensional restorations and crack repairs, making them ideal for use in aeroengines. Unlike traditional brazing pastes and green tapes, the porosity of PSP is less than 5 percent, which helps to eliminate shrinkage. PSPs are easy to handle and environmentally safe, providing a cost-effective braze repair solution. For more information visit www.wesgometals.com or call (510) 491-1100.

    Lightweight Alternators
    Meet the next generation of aircraft alternators engineered to satisfy today’s increasing demands. Kelly Aerospace offers new and factory overhauled aircraft alternators. Its new light-weight, compact, alternators are designed specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today’s aircraft electrical systems.

  • 60 amp, 28 volt
  • Size: 6-inch d x 4.25-inch w, a 2/3 average reduction
  • Weighs 7 pounds, a 40 percent average reduction
  • High altitude brushes
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Replacement Cylinder STC
    ECi was awarded a supplemental Type Certificate SE10129SC by the FAA for improvements in the TITAN replacement cylinders for the C-/200/300 Series engines. The performance upgrade incorporates changes from the original Type Certificate. The Roto-Coil reduces the buildup of carbon and varnish. The exhaust valve allows for positive rotation of the valve each time it is opened, presenting fresh mating surfaces to valve stem and guide. Teflon buttons are installed at each end of the rocker shaft to prevent the rocker shaft ends from wearing into and possibly through the rocker cover, leading to oil loss and possible oil starvation. For more information visit www.eci2fly or call (800) 324-2359.

    Propeller System
    Hartzell Propeller offers a three-bladed propeller conversion kit for landplane versions of the Cessna R172K Hawk XP aircraft. Testing has demonstrated improved take-off acceleration through 55 KIAS, increased maximum rate of climb performance below 10,000 feet, and a 1- to 3-knot increase in cruise speed at 60 to 80 percent power settings. The kit provides an improved 2,400-hour, six-year TBO and comes with the Hartzell Plus Three warranty which provides a full three years or 1,000 hours of coverage. For more information call (800) 942-7767 or visit www.hartzellprop.com.

    Power Section Repair
    Prime Turbines offers PT6 power section repair including PT disc change, lightning strike, prop strike, and metal in oil. The focus is on repair not overhaul. Prime Turbines offer quick turn around. Prime Turbines supports the MORE program. For more information visit www.prime-turbines.com or call (508) 771-4744.

    Ignition Harness
    New ignition harness from Kelly Aerospace. FAA/PMA Approved for: Franklin, Teledyne Continental Motors, and Textron Lycoming. Plated steel nut for superior strength compared to aluminum nuts and reduce the potential for galling during installation. Using a tinned-copper nickel plated braid shielding substantially reduces EMI and combined with a very flexible 19-strand conductor of stainless-steel wire provides the ultimate in wire conductivity and ease of installation. The abrasion-resistant red polymer cover has been engineered specifically for the high-temperature environment of reciprocating engines. Kelly Aerospace ignition harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design (the tip of the coil spring extends inward) allowing the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode, providing 360 contact. Ignition energy is maximized and flashover is reduced to a minimum. Replacement springs are available separately saving you time and money when a field repair is necessary. You have the option of using straight or 90-degree elbow leads to make the installation neat and easy. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Hot Section
    Prime Turbines’ PT6 engine hot section kit inspection, repair and recertification includes CT disc and blade, small exit duct assembly, liner, ducts, and T5 components.

  • Your choice of OEM or FAAPMA parts
  • We support the MORE program
  • Guaranteed “Zero Grind”
  • Quality workmanship
  • One day turn time on request
  • Repairs or exchange
  • For more information visit www.prime-turbines.com or call (508) 771-4744.

    Aircraft Parts
    Jet Parts Inc. is a supplier of most rotable spares for Falcon, Gulfstream, and Hawker series aircraft. It also offers exchanges, outright sales, and live AOG service 24/7. Jet Parts stocks more than 30,000 line items and provides OEM tags with most parts. For more information visit www.jetpartsinc.com or call (800) 367-7787. Fuel Pumps Kelly Aerospace engine driven positive displacement pump is for Lycoming engines. It is FAA approved (STC and PMA).

  • Not subjected to AD #98-18-12 (Lycoming SB No. 529)
  • Improved wear characteristics and reduced part count
  • For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

    Velcon’s high quality filters and filtration systems detect and remove harmful fuel contaminants and water. The products are fully tested and qualified to the latest API/IP standards. Features include field-proven performance, easy maintenance, customer service available 24/7, and worldwide support. For more information visit www.velcon.com or call (719) 528-7215.

    Angle-Valve Cylinders
    In 2006, ECi will offer TITAN angle-valve cylinders as a direct replacement for Lycoming four-, six- and eight-cylinder models. It is part of its experimental products (EXP) line. The cylinders, for engines ranging from 200 to 400 hp, feature a down exhaust port orientation and short and long-reach spark plug boss. For more information call (800) 324-2359 or visit www.eci2fly.com.

    PT6A Engine Services
    Heritage Turbines is a Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine service center. Services include hot section inspections, fuel nozzle recertification and exchange, bleed valve overhaul, and power section repairs. Heritage Turbines offers quality workmanship, quick turn times, competitive pricing, and worldwide shipping. For more information visit www.heritageturbines.com or call (888) 621-7788.