Airframe Parts and Accessories - Part 1

Voltage Regulators Kelly Aerospace provides the VR286, VR382, and VR392 voltage regulators in kit form to make the upgrade on your piston twins simple and affordable. Price of the kits is only slightly higher than the cost to replace just one old style...

Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief Backshell
The Glenair Composite Swing- Arm EMI/RFI Strain Relief Backshell from A.E. Petsche features an adjustable cable entry to make any part number become a straight, 45- or 90-degree part. The adjustable cable entry reduces the selection of parts. Other features include a 40 percent weight savings over aluminum, inherent shock and vibration dampening, flame resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, high temperature tolerance, reduced magnetic and acoustic signatures (stealth), and it accepts plating for EMI/RFI protection. For more information visit

Polyurethane Protective Boots
3M Aerospace’s polyurethane protective boots for main landing gear struts replace labor-intensive removal and reapplication of the primer and paint topcoat during mandated maintenance. It protects the structure from erosion and abrasion damage. Other features include quick and easy to install self-adhesive boots, reduced exposure to and disposal of hazardous materials, increased productivity, and decreased maintenance cycle time. For more information call (800) 235-2376 or visit

LED Anti-Collision Beacon
Whelen Engineering Co. has received STC approval for its Model 70900 Series LED anti-collision beacon. This STC approval will allow replacement of existing rotating beacons, self-contained strobes and halogen flashers without the need for field approvals. Its one-piece construction makes it less susceptible to environmental or chemical breakdown. Average current draw is 0.42 amps at 28 volts, and .85 amps at 14 volts. It has a three-year unlimited warranty. For more information visit

Starter Generator Rotables is an independent global stocking distributor of aircraft starter generator rotables and expendable replacement parts. It serves corporate/business aviation, general aviation, commuter/ regional airline, and helicopter markets. It is an authorized distributor for Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC). For more information call (281) 298-9779 or visit

Instruments & Accessories
AVGROUP is a stocking distributor of accessories, instruments, and avionics for turbine-powered, corporate-class aircraft. It has a repair station (FAA/EASA) to service units from all major avionics lines. AVGROUP offers 24/7 AOG service. For more information call (800) 458-6177 or visit

Replacement Generator
The A3579-000 from CRS Jet Spares is a STC/PMA approved generator applicable to Lear 35/36/55 aircraft. The generator features 3,000-hour TBO, drop-in replacement, no harmonics noise or rumble, and true 400 amps at ground level operation. CRS offers a two-year factory warranty. For more information visit or email

Dry Air Pumps
Rapco dry air pumps now have an inspection port. The port is easily accessible on the top of the pump and features the Smart Stick, a go-no go gauge that helps determine pump life. Benefits include longer life and lower cost. Rapco offers technical support and a worldwide distribution network. For more information call (800) 527-2726 or visit

Rivetless Nut Plate
Textron Fastening Systems developed the Cherry rivetless nut plate, an aerospace fastener for aluminum structures that reduces installation time by as much as three minutes over riveted nut plates. It expands as it is installed through a single, drill-quality hole and features a retainer that does not require flaring to meet NASM25027 torque-out and push-out requirements. For more information visit

IN-House Annealing
Benedict-Miller offers in-house annealing and on-site lab inspection of AQ sheet plate and precision close-to-net shape parts eliminating expensive secondary machining operations.

  • Efficient turnaround
  • Single-source high-speed operation
  • Attention to quality and control in cutting, annealing, grinding, and shipping
  • For more information visit

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