Airframe Parts and Accessories - Part 1

Voltage Regulators Kelly Aerospace provides the VR286, VR382, and VR392 voltage regulators in kit form to make the upgrade on your piston twins simple and affordable. Price of the kits is only slightly higher than the cost to replace just one old style...

Voltage Regulators
Kelly Aerospace provides the VR286, VR382, and VR392 voltage regulators in kit form to make the upgrade on your piston twins simple and affordable. Price of the kits is only slightly higher than the cost to replace just one old style Lamar unit.

  • Includes installation schematics
  • One-year “No Hassle” warranty
  • Ground fault protection (GFP) on all new units
  • For more information visit

    SPV Exhausts
    The solar-powered ventilator (SPV) from Tanis Aircraft Services exhausts hot air from your parked aircraft. The SPV fits easily in the aircaft’s pilot window, forming a weather-tight seal that is as secure as a closed pilot window. By introducing fresh, cooler air into the cockpit, the SPV protects avionics, instruments, and the interior from heat damage. The solar pad can supply power to cell phones, GPS, hand-held transceivers, or computers. For more information call (800) 443-2136 or visit

    AIRFLEX Seat Cushioning
    Chestnut Ridge Foam offers AIRFLEX fire-resistant seat cushioning. It is cut to shape and eliminates expensive fireblocking fabrics. AIRFLEX is internal fire testing certified to FAR 25.853 (a) and (c), including TSO-C72c flotation testing. Features include weight reduction, variation in firmness to optimize comfort, durability, and support, and elimination of secondary and costly fire barrier fabrics. For more information call (800) 234-2734 or visit

    Epocast 1629-A/B Syntactic
    Epocast 1629-A/B ultra-low density, self-extinguishing syntactic from Huntsman Advanced Materials is formulated with non-brominated flame retardants for edge-reinforcing honeycomb structures used in aircraft interiors. It contains non-brominated flame retardants and is self-extinguishing. The ultra-low density epoxy is easy to mix, 2:1 resin/hardener ratio. It cures at room-temperature or 125 F (52 C). For more information visit or call (800) 817-8260.

    Aircraft Parts & Equipment
    Worldwide Helicopter Solutions offers sales and consignment of new, used, and surplus parts and equipment for helicopters and airplanes, including avionics, instruments, airframe, and powerplant parts and rotables.

  • Specializing in equipment for older aircraft
  • Domestic delivery in seven to 10 business days
  • Equipment serviced and tagged by manufacturer or authorized facility
  • Warranty provided on most used and surplus equipment
  • Installation design and certification assistance available
  • For more information visit

    Composite Repairs
    Advanced Composite Structures offers composite repairs on main and tail rotor blades, panels, cowlings, fairings, ailerons, elevators, and propeller spinners. Besides composite manufacturing, it offers expanded repair design, exchange pool inventory, and in-house R&D. For more information visit

    Janitrol Factory Rebuilt Heater
    Kelly Aerospace offers both OEM new and rebuilt Janitrol heaters.

  • Units are rebuilt to factory new tolerances and upgraded to the latest model configuration with a new serial number
  • Each rebuilt includes a new “CermaKote” combustion tube and more efficient/lightweight permanent magnet blower motor
  • Eliminates FAA AD 96-20-07
  • Three-year, 1,000-hour limited warranty, 1,500-hour TBO
  • Newly designed air pressure switch which complies with FAA AD Note 96-20-07
  • Upgrade to the latest revision level. No bill backs for old style core returns.
  • For more information visit

    Modification Kit
    Seal Dynamics is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of FAA PMA/STC and JAA approved parts as well as other mechanical and electrical-mechanical components in the global aviation industry. Following AD 2005-03-02, it developed a kit with all the necessary hardware to ensure that the passenger cabin’s minimum allowable height for safe evacuation is preserved by securing the overhead ducts. The kit is a low-cost alternative to the OEM kit and is easy to install. For more information visit or call (800) 344-8724.

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