Publisher's Sign-Off

Beginning with our September issue of AMT, we are offering subscribers a digital version of AMT magazine.

The technology we are using to deliver AMT digitally is called Flipbooks™. Flipbooks allows you to view our magazine as if it were paper, allowing you to use the mouse and actually flip pages of the magazine on your computer desktop.

But don’t let this seemingly simplistic approach fool you. In addition, it allows you to use the power of your computer to search, zoom, print, and more.

Our digital version has a linked index that takes you directly to the stories you want to read. It also has links from our advertiser’s ads — taking you directly to their web site for more information, and has a linked ad index that allows you to find advertisers within the magazine.

There are two ways to view AMT digital. If you have a fast connection and only care to view it while connected to the Internet, you will want to use the following:

This is the Browser Version (BV) of AMT. This will not download AMT to your hard drive, but allows you to view it while online. If you want to view a more enhanced version of AMT, use "VIEW PDF."

This PDF version requires you to download Flipbook software that allows additional manipulation of AMT digital. This is a one-time download. If you want to store AMT on your computer (for slower connections or for offline access), use the "DOWNLOAD PDF."

version of AMT digital. This also requires the one-time download of Flipbooks software, but it allows you to archive copies of AMT on your machine for future reference. AMT is allowing any of its subscribers to either continue receiving their print copy of AMT, or switch to digital. You can switch by clicking the New! Subscribe to Digital FlipBook Edition link on So don’t worry print subscribers. This is an enhancement that we are offering to those who desire to receive it. You will still receive your print copy if you continue to renew your print version.

International subscribers take note:

As an added bonus AMT digital allows virtually unlimited distribution of our publication to international subscribers. To boot, there’s no waiting for mail delivery of AMT digital. You will be notified as soon as each issue is posted.

AMT digital benefits everyone — subscribers get more access to AMT magazine, international subscribers get immediate access to AMT, advertisers get more exposure, subscribers are delivered directly to advertiser web sites, and AMT can now deliver to unprecedented numbers of audited subscribers. We hope you enjoy the new digital version of AMT.

Thanks for reading — and clicking!