Work in Progress: AC 43.13-2A

Because of the importance of approved data in repairs and alterations, Bill O’Brien is heading a committee to write a new AC on the subject. He lists who is involved and the deadlines, so if you have something to contribute you can.

Name, Location, Email Address

Catherine VanAssche, Long Beach, CA,
Charles Fellows, Washington, D.C.,
David Karalunas, Fairbanks, AK,
Albert Kimball, Orlando, FL,
William C. Kunder, Reno, NV,
Fred Maupin, Houston, TX,
William O’Brien, Washington, D.C., william.o’
Lester N Sasaki, Honolulu, HI,
Charles Shouldis, Rapid City, SD,

AC 43.13-2b Revision Deadlines

Sept. 13, 2005
Begin project

Jan. 13, 2006
1st draft submission

April 13, 2006
2nd draft submission

June 13, 2006
Final draft submission

Aug. 13, 2006
FAA/Federal Register notice

Oct. 13, 2006
End of comment period

Jan. 13, 2007
Publish AC revision

In closing, if one of the SME happens to give you a call and asks for your help, I would be grateful if you give him or her a hand. These folks volunteered for this job and most assuredly, they will have to work on their own time to meet the established deadlines.

But their hard work will have a positive impact on industry and how the FAA will conduct business for a long time into the future. I conservatively estimate that having “approved” alterations data in the AC will alone reduce the number of field approvals by 28 percent or 36,960 man-hours the first year. It is reasonable to expect additional reductions in the neighborhood of 10 percent to 12 percent in the time spent on field approvals when more mechanics get used to the new AC policy. Once Phase IV is put in place a few years down the line, we should see an even greater reduction in the number of field approvals. The net result being all of these policy changes should keep you in bread and butter for a long time to come.

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