Aircraft Compass Swing

The steps to perform a compass swing are reviewed, as a new product designed to save time and headaches when performing the task is examined.

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    Compass Correction

    Capital Avionics™ CA-320A digital compass transmitter and CA-320B receiver comprise the Compass Correction System. The system doesn™t need an external heading reference for the alignment of a...

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    Magnetic Headings

    The earliest adventurers became savvy navigators employing the positions of celestial bodies relative to the seasons and even time of day. At some point it was discovered directional enhancements...

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    The Mystifying Compass: Why this age-old device still exists

    Why does this age-old device still exist? By Jim Sparks Just to put everything in perspective , Albert Einstein commented that when he was still a child his father gave him a magnetic...

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    Automatic Direction Finders: The grandfather of all radio navigation aids

    Automatic Direction Finders The grandfather of all radio navigation aids By Frank Labue July 1999 Ok, I know. Why are we talking about ADFs when there are VOR/ILS and GPS...