Product Profiles: Operations Software

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Airfield Solutions, including runway condition reporting and thermal imaging vision systems are provided by Eagle Integrated Solutions Incorporated. Solutions integrated the latest in GPS/GIS Ruggedized Terminal, PDA, with customized software.

Totalfbo accounting and business management software, a complete Windows-based business management software for the general aviation industry, is available from Horizon Business Concepts, Inc. Now in its 17th year of production, the software serves repair stations, charter operators, flight schools, flying clubs, avionics shops, as well as the traditional FBO. No other accounting software required. Fully integrated, modular, and now shipping SQL Version;

FBoperational' Management Software, from PRG Aviation Systems, is a communication tool designed to provide real-time information on every desktop. It becomes the central repository for all transactions and service events and makes that information available throughout the organization. Designed to provide automatic accounting entries and improved customer service. Use historical data to plan and forecast future requirements;

The Izak' System, from iZAK is designed to allow flight crews to pay for fuel without having to visit the FBO's front counter. Fuel truck drivers carry a handheld computer with a color touchscreen, card swipe device, and a wireless printer. After the aircraft is fueled, the meter readings and tail number read directly from Veeder-Root fuel meters and then wirelessly transmit to the FBO's base computer. Cornerstone Logic's FBO Manager software calculates the price of the transaction, including any discounts. The line technician may then swipe a credit card on site, printing out a receipt on the spot;

An Online Flight Schedule System for FBOs and flight schools is available from Kalamazoo Software. Can be run as a stand-alone or incorporated into existing website. Includes an integrated interface to FBO Manager;

An Operations Software Application Suite is available from SITA. Includes resource management, central database, FIDS/BIDS display, and CUTE/CUSS passenger check-in, underpinned by the AirportConnect multi-tenant campus architecture. SITA's BagManager is designed to provide accurate tracking via wire, wired, and RFID infrastructure, integrated with BagMessage, an airline/baggage sortation messaging system;

Baggage Reconciliation, Flight Information Displays, and Airport Operational Databases are supplied by Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Inc.;

The Base System from Wellington-Royce Corporation is a fully integrated general aviation software system designed to manage a singe site or multi-site operation. Supports line service, maintenance, accounting, inventory, charter quotes, and more. Wellington-Royce provides training, conversions, leasing terms, and customer support;

CITYGIS5, from Digital Map Products, is application software that deploys maps and related data to the user, providing a visual profile of any property or location through a web browser. Developed for government agencies, utilities, real estate developers, and other organizations that rely on geographic information, the software is deployed by DMP's mapping platform through robust and secure facilities and is accessed by subscribers through an Internet browser and a secure data connection;

Flightview Web FIDS is available from RLM Software. Based on FAA radar and airline schedule information, the system provides arrival and departure pages in text and graphic format and airport delay status for use on airport websites and terminal monitors;

Corridor is a software application, from Continuum Applied Technology, Inc., designed for any aviation service provider from FBOs to repair stations to distributors. Comprised of integrated modules: work order, inventory, line service, accounting integration, compliance, and more. CORRIDOR's versions are designed to meet any speciality or business size, and are supported by Continuum's technical services;

I-Air (integrated-Airfield Inspection & Reporting), from Neubert Aero Corp., provides airfield operations with the ability to perform FAR Part 139 airfield inspections using a handheld, notebook, or laptop while transmitting needed date either wirelessly or USB transfer key. Perform work orders, issue NOTAMS, or integrate data collection functions into the pavement friction testing equipment;