Product Profiles: Airfield Lighting & Signage


SOLAR LED LIGHTS from Carmanah are designed for use at military, commercial, and GA airports for airfield and obstruction lighting. More than 100,000 units installed in 110 countries;

APPROACH LIGHTING EQUIPMENT (MALSR with RMS; REILS with RMS) and a line of airfield lighting equipment (runway, taxiway fixtures) for airports are available from DME Corporation;

A PORTABLE LIGHTED RUNWAY CLOSURE MARKER is available from Sherwin Industries. The lighted X marker legs measure 20 ft. x 6 in. The lighted X collapses for transport and storage and stands alone in winds up to 40 mph. Designed to be visible from six miles out in VFR conditions at night and three to five miles in VFR daytime. Taxiway barricade systems, as well as solar powered taxiway, obstruction, hazard, and elevated guard lights are also available;

AIRPORT SIGNAGE is available from Interstate Highway Sign Corporation. Offerings include: roadway, informational, and guide signs. The company also produces airport signage and graphics. Recent projects include: JFK, Laguardia, Boston Logan, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, and Jacksonville International airports;

A RANGE OF PORTABLE, BATTERY POWERED AIRFIELD LIGHTING EQUIPMENT is available from Metalite Aviation Lighting. Includes FAA-approved runway and taxiway edge lights, approach lights, PAPIs, and obstruction lights. Lighting can be supplied as individual units supported by free-standing battery chargers or in road going trailers with integral charging facility;

THE LIGHTED X RUNWAY CLOSURE MARKER, visible from five miles in daylight and six miles at night, is available from Sweepster, LLC. Unit includes 90-watt halogen bulbs, an 11hp diesel engine, electric raising and lowering, four 2,000-lb. jackstands, solid state flasher, radio interference filter, and automatic wattage reduction for night operation. Available in ultra reflective white or yellow, the Lighted X has four collapsible legs that open to a continuous 22 feet. Designed to withstand winds of 40 mph, be used while towed, and adjust to desired angle; 800-456-7100.

LED FIXTURES designed to be energy efficient are available from Siemens Airfield Solutions, Inc. Offers LED technology for the following fixtures: L-861T elevated taxiway fixtures, L-852A-D and L-852T in-pavement fixtures, and L-810 obstruction lighting;