Product Profiles: Parking Products & Services

In recent years, many airports have responded to parking shortages by developing larger parking structures. This is a trend that will continue as airports look for ways to better serve travelers, according to parking consultant Richard A. Rich.

Finally, for some existing structures, the cost of converting to a cashier-less approach may be prohibitive. In addition to replacing cashier booths with exit verifiers, it may also be necessary to add and re-stripe lanes and re-pour islands at entry and exit points. The costs of these changes, as well as the cost of pay-on-foot or other cashier-less technologies, can be high and a changeover may not be practical for all parking owners.

While cashier-less parking isn't the answer for every airport parking facility, in the right situation it can provide enormous benefits. It can be a terrific tool for making parking more efficient, customer-friendly, and profitable. And in markets where airports compete with satellite lots for parking dollars, it can provide a competitive advantage by appealing to parkers who want to be able to enter and exit parking quickly, safely, and conveniently.

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