Reinventing Million Air

Roger Woolsey, the long-time charter pilot (11,000 hours) who acquired the Million Air Interlink franchise in 2002, has a disarming personality that appears to be serving him well as he steers the 29 companies in the franchise system.

Meanwhile, explains VP of marketing and customer relations Sandy Nelson, about building a culture, "We chose not to look within the industry, but to look outside. Roger talked with top leaders in various industries that were successful in creating and changing cultures. As a group, that helped us to define and design the culture that Million Air wants." At the same time the company used the Malcolm Baldridge national quality award as a guiding standard.

Central to this reinventing of the Million Air franchise, say Nelson and Woolsey, has been putting into place a communications system that has all 29 FBOs in touch with the others. "We train daily and we share information daily," says Nelson.

Today, says Woolsey, employees know all FBOs in the system. "When we find out you're headed for St. Louis, we can tell you to go see Cindy and Ron and we'll be happy to set everything up in advance for you," he says.

"Being able to connect through daily communications, through culture and a value system, really connects the dots. It's far more powerful."

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