Concessions Update

Earlier this year, some 300 representatives of airports and the companies that specialize in retail and concessions met at the debut Revenue & Operations Conference, hosted by the Armbrust Aviation Group.

Bold, brash, spicy food is 'in,' says Ryan, as is vegetarian. Fragmentation is also occurring in the marketplace, whereby a successful Asian restaurant can lead to sucess with various derivatives, such as Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. At the same time, however, he says a traditional mix is also necessary, because in times of stress - the airport experience - many consumers, particularly women, seek out "comfort" foods.

Scott Kilgo, senior manager of concessions for Portland Internation-al, says that broadening the selection can significantly impact increased revenues. When doing so, he echoes the sentiment of others that it's important to look off-airport for trends in the overall food marketplace.


Pam Brown, vice president of Airport Network Solutions, says that when looking at providing wireless service to passengers, it's critical to recognize that consumers "prefer reliable, high-speed versus a free wireless network."

Her "single most important recommendation" is for an airport to get an accurate evaluation of what customers want in the specific airport market by measuring current cellular traffic. Then, an assessment of revenue versus service can be achieved, she says.

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