Product Profiles: Ground Support Equipment

The following product descriptions are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer or visit

  • GSE-200DP DUAL PORT UNIVERSAL FAST CHARGER is available from the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (ETEC). Incorporates the patented supercharge algorithm that automatically charges any voltage pack from 24V to 96V; any amp-hour capacity and both flooded and sealed valve regulated lead-acid battery chemistries. The GSE-200DP has a DC output of 200Amps per port limited to 15kW total power providing typical charge times of 90 minutes or less;

  • A NYLON PCA CONNECTOR with integral handles and designed to provide durability and reliability is available from J&B Aviation. Its seamless fabrication molding process and choice of formulation provides for the optimum durability in its ability to take the constant abuse of everyday life on the ramp. The body for the latching mechanism is molded into the connector itself, eliminating costly additional add on items necessary for connecting to the aircraft. Choose foam rubber or neoprene for gasket material.
  • PASS PUROGENE AIRCRAFT SANITATION SYSTEM is available from AeroSafe Products, Inc., a distributor of Purogene potable water disinfectant. PASS comes in roll around portable, retrofit, and full-water cabinet models to disinfect and sanitize aircraft potable water tanks and GSE water carts and trucks. AeroSafe is also a sales and marketing outlet for the Hammonds ODV (Omni Directional Vehicle), designed to rotate on its own footprint, making it ideal for congested ramp areas and for precise placement of aircraft and baggage carts;

  • SUPERFLEX™ is available from ARNCO. Designed to provide a smooth ride; protect vehicle and operator from shock; eliminate flat tires. Military approved;

  • A TOWBAR from Brackett Aircraft is designed to handle aircraft up to a gross weight of 125,000 pounds. They are available in 10-foot, 15-foot and 20-foot lengths. The inside diameter of the tube that receives the heads is 3-1/4 inches; a reducer insert P.N. TY-RED1 is available to receive heads with 3-inch diameter. This bar is compatible with TronAir, Aero Specialties, and other universal tow bars;

  • THE CL-DC3 REGIONAL CATERING TRUCK is available from Charlatte of America, Inc. Utilizes a GSE Grade Charlatte DC3 chassis, and features aluminum lined and insulated catering cabin with roll-up doors; customer-specified shelving; and front and rear 1,500-lb. capacity lift platforms;

  • A PRE-CONDITIONED AIR PRODUCT LINE is available from FCX Systems. The company produces fixed, bridge mounted, and mobile units in a range from 15 to 150 tons. The units are designed to meet all ambient conditions, be efficient, and corrosion resistant;

  • AN ARRAY OF PRODUCTS to keep ground operations running smoothly are manufactured and serviced by FMC Airport Equipment Services. Includes cargo, bulk and baggage loaders, aircraft tow tractors, deicers, transporters, transfer decks, PC Air, 400hz ground power, and passenger boarding stairs and bridges. FMC also services and leases GSE along with servicing baggage systems and other facilities within the airport;

  • TOOLING AND TEST EQUIPMENT is available from Jetool, an authorized GSE vendor of tooling and test equipment for: Honeywell/Garrett turboprop/turbofan engines; CFE 738; and APUs;

  • A TOWBARLESS GROUND SUPPORT VEHICLE is available from LEKTRO. Since inventing the concept in 1967, Lektro has remained among the world's leading producers of battery powered towbarless tugs. Models range in capacity from 28,000 to 180,000 lbs.;

  • THE MULTIPURPOSE MODEL 140 TOW TRACTOR with low profile design and low center of gravity for corporate and regional jet operations is available from NMC-Wollard. Power options include a Ford gasoline engine in addition to Cummins, Duetz, and Perkins diesels. Transmission options include a Ford C6 automatic or a heavy duty Allison. Drive axle is a double reduction outboard planetary type with dual wheel drive for multipurpose applications in pushback, heavy cargo, and baggage trains. Model 140 has a one-piece 3/4-inch plate steel frame and 3/4-inch steel bumpers. Designed with off-the-shelf components and shares parts commonality with other NMC-Wollard products;

  • CONTAINER AND PALLET LOADERS are available from TLD: Model 828 with 16,500 pound capacity; Model 929 with 33,000 pound and 44,000 pound capacity and the Model 121 with 66,000 pound capacity;

  • A 01-1954-6000 TOWBAR HEAD RACK is available from Tronair. Constructed using a brushed finished stainless steel to reduce reflections when on the ramp, this unit is designed to provide many years of maintenance-free service. Equipped with four locking casters for easy movement around the hangar;

  • THE AERODUCT® AVIATION PRODUCT LINE is available from HBD/Thermoid, Inc. Products include: SCAT/SCEET Ducting, CAT/CEET Ducting, Jet Starter/Hose/Scuffer Jackets, Pre-Conditioned Air System Ducting, Tufitex CD-Lavatory Drain Hose, and MIL-DTL 6000 Oil & Coolant Hose;

  • GSE SOLUTIONS for corporate, FBO, and regional airline customers worldwide are provided by AERO Specialties. The company sells new, used, and refurbished equipment including: aircraft tractors; GPUs; hydraulic carts; LAV/water/oxy/nit carts and parts; towbar equipment; ramp safety equipment; baggage and loading equipment; maintenance stands and stairs; deicers; heaters; and airstarts;

  • THE DOUGLAS-KALMAR RANGE OF TOWBARLESS AIRCRAFT HANDLING TRACTORS is manufactured by Douglas Equipment Limited. Also available: Douglas Tugmaster range of conventional baggage, cargo, and aircraft towing tractors; and, a range of special purpose military GSE, including the pedestrian and remote controlled aircraft handlers;

  • ATTACHABLE® GROUND POWER PLUGS AND POWERNOSES®, Cable Assemblies with molded-on or Attachable Plugs and Power Receptacles for both 400 Hz AC , 28V DC are available from Anderson Airmotive. The company also offers 80 VDC plugs and receptacles along with easy mate and quick disconnect handles for AC and DC plugs;

  • LINEBACKER® CABLE AND HOSE PROTECTORS, designed to protect cables and hoses, are available from Checkers Industrial Products. DIAMONDBACK' Bridge Systems feature multiple tunnel choices and protect hoses up to 7-in. diameter. The company also manufactures wheel chocks for aviation, military, commercial, and ground support applications;

  • TRIPOD AND LANDING GEAR JACKS, wheel dollies, maintenance platforms and stands, towbars and tire bead breakers, as well as other ground support equipment are designed and manufactured by Columbus Jack Corporation;

  • THE H3530 HEADSET, designed for communications and hearing protection for ground support personnel, is available from David Clark Company;

  • ISO 9001 COMPLIANT ELECTRICAL TESTING TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT are available from Farwest Aircraft, Inc. Also available are Doll Brand catering trucks, and aircraft jacks;

  • GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT is available from Fortbrand Services. The company enables its customers to fulfill all of their GSE needs from a single source;

  • TOWBARLESS TRACTORS for various aircraft movements like push-backs, extended push-backs, gate to gate towing and long high-speed maintenance towing are available from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. The different tractor types can operate aircraft from Fokker 70/100 up to AIRBUS A380;

  • OXYGEN/NITROGEN INTENSIFIER O-10,000 PSI is available from Ground Flight, Inc. Designed to attach to oxygen/nitrogen cart or bottle and automatically turn on/off to maintain desired PSI setting. Requires no fixed base and weighs only 15 lbs. The intensifier can deliver a working pressure up to the desired psi continually until the supply bottle pressure decays below 500 psi; lower pressures can be maintained on a ten to one ratio until the pressure is virtually depleted;

  • GROUND SUPPORT MAINTENANCE is provided by Elite Line Services Inc. Includes baggage tractors, baggage carts, ground power units, air starters, ac/heating carts, pre-conditioned air units, deicers, belt loaders, towbars, lavatory service vehicles and carts, and more;

  • A LINE OF BAGGAGE, CARGO, AND AIRCRAFT TOW TRACTORS with a drawbar pull range of 3,000 to 80,000 pounds (1,360 kg. to 36,287 kg) is available from Stewart & Stevenson TUG. The company offers tow tractors from the traditional MA baggage/cargo tractor to the workhorse GT-110 aircraft tow tractor and its line of environmentally friendly baggage tractors, including the MX4 family;

  • 400 HZ GPUS, with power ratings ranging from 15 kVA to over 180 kVA, are available from Unitron. The company's GPUs are designed to supply clean, quiet reliable ground power and are suitable for both ramp and hangar operations;