Product Profiles: Security

The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. PRE-BOARD AIRPORT PASSENGER AND BAGGAGE SCREENING SERVICES are available from FirstLine Transportation Security, one of...

THE VB1001M VIDEO BALUN is available from Vigitron, Inc. Designed to transmit video over UTP for distances up to 1000 feet; does not require power;

COMPUTER SIMULATION AND STAFFING ALLOCATION MODELS to ensure planned screening implementations will provide efficient movement of passengers, baggage, and vehicles are provided by TransSolutions;

SMARTCATCH™ BEHAVIOR RECOGNITION SOFTWARE from Vidient Systems is designed to correctly identify objects and analyze behavior to determine whether or not there is a security threat or a theft occurring in complex secure environments. The software, initially created in NEC laboratories, is currently used at San Francisco International and Salt Lake City International airports; provided by TransSolutions;

TRUSTRAC™ CANTILEVER SLIDE GATES for openings up to 80 feet in double drive applications (box frame to 120 feet) are available from Jamieson Manufacturing Company. Custom manufacturing and access control integration; compliant with current safety standards;

THE BROADWARE MEDIA SERVER from BroadWare Technologies is designed to allow customers to view, manage, and store airport video. Video is distributed independent of format, time, and geography. The solution expands to include integration with access control and video analytics, focusing on security personnel on video associated with intelligent alarms and aberrant behavior;

GUARD TOWER™ TAUT WIRE SYSTEM is available from Zareba Security. The multi-mode sensor barrier perimeter security system is designed to identify the point of intrusion to within ten feet, sending an alarm to central security control monitors, and simultaneously directing surveillance cameras on the point of intrusion. The system can be set for alarm only, low voltage, or non-lethal electric fence mode, based on the threat level or time of day;

AN INTEGRATED AVIATION SECURITY SOLUTION is available from ARINC. Designed to provide a complete, secure environment at airports while addressing all functional areas, including passenger and baggage flow, secured area access, perimeter security, and an operations center where airport staff can manage a threat;

EXAMINER 3DX® 6500 EXPLOSIVES DETECTION SYSTEM is available from L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems. The system has passed EDS certification tests at TSA to its 100 percent threat mass detection requirement and is capable of screening up to 600 bags per hour;

EXITSENTRY™ is available from Cernium, Inc. Developed to ensure that no person or object could enter a passenger exit lane from the wrong direction in order to avoid security screening;

SECURITY SYSTEMS are provided by Johnson Controls, Inc. Offerings include access control, biometrics, intelligent video, digital video recording, voice communications, badging, and perimeter protection;

ACCESS CONTROL SOFTWARE is available from AMAG Technology. The company’s version 5.0 access control software is designed to provide graphical calendars, system-wide code visualizations, and real-time alarm statistics;

SAFSOLUTION® from SAFLINK® is an enterprise-grade security solution designed to replace Windows® passwords and smart card PINs with biometric authentication;

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