The 21st Century Terminal

As the Indianapolis Airport Authority designs and constructs it new Midfield Terminal, sustainability and environmental awareness are driving forces.

While there will be a focus on airside retail as well as landside, the majority of the 90,000 square feet of retail space will be located in the Civic Plaza at the new terminal. Potosnak says a goal of the airport authority is to improve the security process in the new terminal so that passengers will not be as focused on getting through security and will spend time, and dollars, in the landside retail area. Compared to the existing terminal, Potosnak says "the concession program will be more evenly distributed than what it is today."

A walkway will connect the terminal to a new five-story, 7,100-space parking structure.

As Indianapolis passenger traffic grows, the Midfield Terminal can be expanded to meet the demand. According to Hawvermale, the 2020 expansion plan calls for ten gates to be added onto the end of each concourse. Further into the future, the plan allows for a satellite concourse with an additional 40 gates and an underground people mover system.

The design and construction team says building an airport that is environmentally friendly and sustainable does not have to mean additional cost. In some instances, the upfront cost was lower than traditional materials or practices, and the long-term energy savings and sustainability of the structure will benefit the airport. "If you get down the road and have to backtrack to meet environmental regulations or other mandates, that's where it becomes expensive," says Tucker.

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