States Tackle Security, Funding

In mid-September, the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) met for its 74th annual convention and trade show.

She adds that not only would it increase the inequity of how the users of an airport are impacted, but will also create an administrative nightmare. “We’ve got something in place that works. There’s not a whole bunch of bureaucracy associated with it. Trying to structure anything else, they’re going to have to create a whole new level of bureaucracy and that’s going to cost money. So how much are we going to end up gaining?”

Funding for the Future

Both Greene and Wiswell see the introduction of very light jets (VLJs) and, on the other end of the spectrum, the A380, as another concern for funding of airport infrastructure.

Says Greene, “The VLJ will provide quite the challenge to our airports because these small jets are going to have their own needs. They’re going to have certain infrastructure needs that our airports might not be able to accommodate.”

“We have yet to see what the VLJ will do for aviation but I do feel it will increase activity at GA airports,” says Wiswell. “We need more capable facilities for handling them.”

The California and Wisconsin officials are looking ahead for the change of aircraft. According to Greene, “not a single airport in Wisconsin could accommodate the A380, so we need to look ahead in that regard. But not too far ahead because we don’t know if aircraft like the A380 is a trend that will continue. What we do know however, is that the light aircraft are coming on strong.”

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