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Advancements in Short Range Wireless Communications

The third configuration operates as an extension to an existing hardwired intercom. The system can interface to any aircraft or vehicle intercom system through an access point. This allows the hardwired system to remain in place, while expanding communications to the wireless operators.

TruLink performs in harsh conditions and in high-noise surroundings. It is equipped with an external microphone that provides noise reduction to improve speech intelligibility. The system also offers an adaptive VOX (Voice Activated Switch) feature so soldiers are not constantly changing VOX levels due to varying noise conditions. The adaptive VOX eliminates white noise susceptible in HOT MIC mode, and restriction of PTT — the unit truly is hands-free.

Short Range Communication Network

The flexibility of TruLink across multiple platforms and agencies allows for the opportunity to create an interoperable short-range communication network.

TruLink can provide soldier-to-soldier communications and connection to any platform carrying an access point. This creates an entire communication network where any operator can speak to any platform or soldier over the intercom net by simply selecting the appropriate channel.

TruLink's unique intercom capability and communications is far superior to other similar systems. Some two-way radios, such as the Personal Role Radio may prove useful for simple tactical communications, but do not meet all the operational needs of the soldier. For example, working only in simplex operation (one speaker at a time), the PRR can only allow one operator to tie into a hard-wired intercom system. The system is further restricted with no connection to long-range radios.

Successful Launch

Since its introduction, TruLink has been successfully contracted for projects within the DOD and other agencies. Outside of the US Army, the US Navy has selected the system for new Mine Search Crafts, the US Marines for Bridge Building Brigades and Project Deep Blue, US Customs for Drug Interdiction boats and Textron Land Systems for there new Armored Security Vehicle.

As requirements continue to evolve for full duplex, wireless intercommunications systems such as Telephonics' TruLink will continue to set new standards. In the future, this technology will be accessible to soldiers and crewmen across all agencies, enabling them to perform their missions more efficiently, and safely.

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Thomas Lavalle is a Business Development Associate at Telephonics Corporation, Communication Systems Division.

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