Building Relationships

I just returned from Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas where I met with SMSgt Jeffrey Deynzer and the instructors at the 361 TRS/RG Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Training Command. Undoubtedly, I received the "red carpet" treatment during a two day tour of the Career Field Education and Training facility. In an extremely condensed version of the six-month curriculum, I quickly understood the magnitude of the comprehensive and unique AGE education that is offered by the Airforce. From Apprentice, to Journeyman, to Craftsman and finally Superintendent; the rigorous AGE Training program prepares its students for a career filled with excitement and success in the world of AGE.

We are hoping to showcase Sheppard's AGE training program in the April issue of Ground Support Magazine. In addition, we will be connecting with the media relations chief at Sheppard AFB on occasion to collect columns about training activities at the base, which we can then share with you through the Military e-Issues. I look forward to our joint efforts and invite all of you to send in queries, stories or letters that we can publish in future issues.

As you may or may not be aware, we are anticipating a tremendous turnout at the AS3/GSExpo next week, March 8-10 in Las Vegas! Since I know many of you can't make it to the Show, I thought I'd fill you in on the new programs and educational panel discussions we will be offering. Running on Empty, a seminar about fuel costs, operations, purchasing and management will include commentators James Gammon, president, Gammon Technical Products; Glenn Hipp, dir. fuel operations, Southwest Airlines and Walter Chartrand, tech. & ops. training mgr., Air BP Aviation Services. Are the Needs of the Air Force Changing? will be presented by John C. Adams, deputy director of the Support Equipment and Vehicle Management Directorate, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins Air Force Base, GA, and will focus on the future of military ground support. Outsourcing Trends takes a look at ground handling subcontracting paradigm shifts with Bernd Jungbluth, CEO, Fraport AG; Brian Wood, vice president of operations, Airport Terminal Services and George Sauer, vice president of corporate real estate, JetBlue Airways. In the seminar Goliath vs. Goliath, Dharam P. Arora, comm. aviation services, prod. dev., with Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Hector Asensio, A380 Programme, Airbus environment and ground operations senior engineer, study the different futures facing Airbus and Boeing. Members from the industry and NATA say "let's stop talking about it and do something" in the panel on AOA Safety and Security. And a panel which will include Carl Perazzola of Robins AFB (Alternative Fuels Technology Office) will focus on the environment and alternative fuel and ground support with Lean, Mean and Green.

Finally, this is our debut year for the GROUND SUPPORT LEADER OF THE YEAR Award and believe me, the suspense of figuring out who it might be has been tough. The winner can be an individual or company in commercial GSE or in the military. If you have any nominations for the 2006 award please send it in!

Thank you for reading,
Karen Reinhardt