Patrick O'Brien: Answering the Call

Patrick O'Brien has made a career out of solving 400Hz problems.

Another very encouraging change has been the emphasis on controlling pollution at the airports. I have always promoted the benefits of turning off the APU to use ground power and we can all benefit from a greener approach.

Q:What accomplishments are you most proud of?

A:As the company owner, I am proud of my employees and our ability to design systems that satisfy the true needs of our customers. What I like to do the best is solve problems. Many times MCM loses the initial project to a lower bidder, but often we are called in after the fact to figure out why the system isn?t working properly and to make corrections. The fact that so many people call MCM for answers really makes me feel that maybe Paddy is right after all. I am also very proud that we don?t get calls saying our equipment is down or the system isn?t working. MCM has 400Hz systems that have been operating for well over ten years without a single minute of down time.

Q:When do you plan to retire?

A:Frankly, I am still having too much fun doing what I do. Solving problems and telling stories about all the GSE people I have worked with. I still love to create new products, visit new cities and meet people. I?ll retire after I?ve solved everyone?s 400Hz problems.

Q:Any parting thoughts?

A:Just one to remember ... "The sweetness of low price is soon forgotten by the bitterness of poor quality."

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