Taking the Guesswork out of Ground Safety

James K. Coyne, President of the National Air Transportation Association, outlines the benefits of incorporating the Safety Management System into an organization.

NATA’s Safety 1st Management System pulls it all together by creating safety standards; training to those standards and using data from employees, customers and the industry to identify, reduce and better manage risk.

Look, there will always be hazards and risks in aviation. That’s a fundamental truth. So proactive management is a must to identify and control these threats before they occur. How well you manage risk sets you apart from your competition — and attracts more customers. Also, by reducing accidents, the general public will have a better understanding of just how safe our industry can be. But you have to take the first step.

The Bottom Line

Once the SMS is integrated into your company’s culture, you will become a truly superior organization, operating on knowledge and logic — not just luck. Our multi-faceted proven approach includes:

  • setting achievable goals

  • organizational development and continuous training

  • planning and performance measurement strategies

  • incident and accident analysis and trending

  • improved communication

  • corrective action

  • continuous oversight

  • access to industry experts

With the SMS You Will:

  • better understand the risks in your business so that you can continuously evaluate your operation for hazards

  • be exposed to the best practices of our industry, finding out what works and what didn’t

  • have a comprehensive SMS manual that you can customize to your organization;

  • have access to Web-based interactive multi-session education for developing your individualized program

  • receive a newsletter with helpful guidance and case studies on “lessons learned” and emerging trends

  • gain access to on-going root-cause analysis of industry accidents and incidents — with recommended correc-tive action;

  • gain access to recognized safety experts to help you 24/7.

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