Howard McKellip: Molding “Mission Ready Airmen”

Over the past fifty years, Howard McKellip has watched AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) develop into one of the most sophisticated career fields in the Air Force, here is his whole story, expanded from Ground Support Magazine.

A: For those in the AGE career field you are in the best career in the Air Force. No other career field that I’m familiar with has as many different systems that an AGE person has too work on and must understand the theory and principles of operation. Like air conditioning, hydraulic test stands, air compressors, heaters, gasoline, diesel and gas turbine generators, electronic frequency converters and motor generators. My advice is to be positive and never say I can’t do that. Get involved, volunteer for jobs others are reluctant to do. AGE is a never ending learning experience. Keep an open mind and learn something new everyday. Share and communicate with your coworkers.

Q: Anything else you feel is important for our readers to know?

A: Yes. There is nothing an AGE person can’t do. AGE is the most versatile career field there is. For those retiring or leaving after their tour is up you are blessed with a skill that any employer is waiting for with open arms.

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