Direct from Inter Airport — Outlook 2006

I had the pleasure to speak with many GSE manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Munich. Following is their take on the show and a brief industry outlook for 2006.

For TLD, 2006 will be again a year of significant sales and profitability growth. Maguin claims sales are now way over what they had been in 2000 and 2001 and he believes the market is good for all GSE manufacturers as the traffic is now increasing all over the world. At the same time, TLD continues to expand its market share in most of its product lines.

“The 2006 outlook looks again extremely promising at the sales level, all our six factories are certainly going to be full all year long. And 2006 is also going to be marked by the A380 arrival, many of the decisions to buy specific A380 equipment, at the beginning scheduled for end of 2005, have been postponed by the A380 six months delay. So, we think we will see even more A380 equipment in 2006 but some customers may suffer from some unusually long lead-times if they don’t make decisions early enough,” says Maguin. In 2007, TLD will also deliver the specific loaders developed for BOEING for the B787 project (110 feet long, 110 tons dead weight, 24 wheels) and it looks forward to demonstrating its leading technological expertise in the GSE business.

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