Publisher's Sign-Off

The IA renewal season has begun in earnest, and as can be expected, the annual discussion of why we need to do this every year? And as usual, we face the challenge of getting everyone renewed by March 31.

Times have changed folks — you don’t need to wait until March to take the training needed to renew your IA. Opportunities are numerous and abundant, and you can begin your training on April 1!

“But don’t I have to wait until March to take IA renewal training?” Some may ask! That’s incorrect. You can take the courses needed for IA renewal at any time throughout the year! March is only the month that you need to turn in your paperwork for renewal! IA renewal opportunities actually begin on April 1 each year, beginning with AMT’s online IA renewal courses, and continuing throughout the country by parts companies such as Aviall, and other local interests.

Perhaps the most flexible option to renew your IA is the online seminar program offered by AMT at You can log on any time — day or night — 365 days a year and attend IA renewal seminars in small blocks at a time until you have completed your eight-hour requirement. The cost? Only $20! You can’t even take your family to McDonalds for that anymore! These seminars are sponsored by some of the same companies that you see at face-to-face IA renewal seminars throughout the country. We’ve simply captured their PowerPoint and audio presentations and bring them to you on your home or business computer.

Another opportunity is Gleim’s online course at Not as good as AMT’s (I’m biased of course), but still an option that you can take at any time throughout the year.

Further, courses from FlightSafety and most of CAE SimuFlite’s courses qualify for IA renewal. Courses attended throughout the year can be used in the March following the course that you attended. Then there are seminars and trade shows, such as Aviall’s Super Seminars that are provided throughout the country (go to Or the dozens of PAMA chapter and state DOT meetings that offer IA renewal.

Finally, for the hardcore procrastinators who have not taken advantage of the many opportunities since April 1, 2005 — and who are finding March 31 rolling around a little too quickly — PAMA’s IA renewal seminar program at the Aviation Industry Expo in Vegas will have FAA inspectors on-site to renew your IA on March 28 to 30. Go to for more information on attending.

For those of you looking for a New Year’s resolution this year, how about getting your IA renewal training done early next year. Begin on April 1!