Editor's Viewpoint

Last October AMT asked for photo submissions for our third annual Readers in Action contest. We would like to thank all of the readers who submitted photos for the contest.

I must say, it wasn’t an easy choice picking a winner. Let it never be said that aircraft mechanics lack creativity.

In the end, we chose Noel Wilton as this year’s winner. The photo taken by Gerald Paul New of Noel crouched down inspecting a model airplane was a great shot. Congratulations Noel!

Several years ago, FAA employee and aircraft maintenance zealot Richard Dilbeck (known to many in the industry as Dilly) set out to get the state of California to proclaim May 24 (Charles Taylor’s birthday) as AMT Day. Dilly succeeded in his goal and proceeded to assist in getting other states on board. He helped mechanics all over the country get AMT Day resolutions passed in their states. It was during that time that he envisioned a National AMT Day.

Well, the goal of a National AMT Day is close. PAMA has thrown its support behind the National AMT Day effort and has become a focal point for the progress. In December, PAMA president Brian Finnegan contacted me and asked for the support of AMT magazine in this effort.

AMT has always been a supporter of AMT Day. Three years ago, AMT contacted Wisconsin state representative David Ward and got him to introduce the legislation that led to AMT Day in Wisconsin. Dilly helped us get that done, and we have kept in contact ever since. AMT has been tracking the status of AMT Day on our website for the past three years. We have participated in AMT Day events the past several years including last year’s celebrations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Frontier Airlines. It’s time the general public becomes aware of Charles Taylor and his contributions to aviation, and a National AMT Day resolution could help accomplish that.

So how can you help? Contact your congressmen and ask them to support National AMT Day. You can go to www.congress.org and click on “Elected Officials” and enter your zip code to bring up your legislators. Ask them to be “initiating co-sponsors of the resolution to establish National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day on May 24.” For added emphasis, you can call each member’s office to stress the importance of this resolution. For National AMT Day updates, visit AMTonline.com.

Thanks for reading!