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The answers to the professional mechanics test that O’Brien promoted in the last issue as a way to gain much-needed recognition for mechanics as a “professional” career field are provided. And O’Brien says he is available if any one is...

QUESTION 15: What rule sets the minimum level of performance for mechanics?

Answer: Only one rule sets the minimum level of performance and that is FAR, Section 43.13, Performance Rules.

QUESTION 16: What AC will tell you how to get a field approval?

Answer: AC 43.210 Stan- dardized Procedures for Requesting Field Approval of Data, Major Alterations, and Repairs. The AC also includes the checklist to make up the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for a major alteration.

QUESTION 17: What is the difference between rebuild and overhaul?

Answer: An overhaul of an aircraft or component part is use of methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the Administrator; it has been inspected, repaired as necessary, reassembled, and tested in accordance with approved standards and technical data, or in accordance with current standards and technical data acceptable to the Administrator (Ref: service limits). Rebuild is the same as overhauled with the exception that the aircraft or component part must meet the same tolerances and limits as a new item, or meet approved oversized or undersized dimensions.

QUESTION 18: Is the Illustrated Parts catalog acceptable or approved data?

Answer: The manufacturer’s Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) is neither acceptable nor approved data to determine conformity to type design. The IPC is a tool to sell parts. There is no requirement for the IPC to be current or accurate. There is no requirement under the FAR for a manufacturer to produce an IPC as part of its type design requirements. IPCs are very useful references to determine if the aircraft is configured properly but should not be used as acceptable or approved data. So use the IPC, but do not reference it on Block 8 of the Form 337 (Ref: FAA Order 8130.2F, page 41).

QUESTION 19: How many kinds of field approvals are there?

Answer: There are two kinds of field approvals. One is approval of acceptable data. This is the most popular of the two. The second kind of field approval is one based on physical inspection and testing (Ref: FAA Order 8300.10 Vol. 2 Chapter 1 page 1-5, paragraph 19).

QUESTION 20: What are the penalties for falsifying a maintenance record?

Answer: The price to autograph a lie is high. According to FAR 43.12 Maintenance Records: Falsification, reproduction, or alterations, the penalty for falsifying a maintenance record is suspension or revocation of that individual’s mechanic certificate. This means the government will take away your certificate and your ability to earn a living. But this is only the beginning. While the FARs can pull your certificate the civil courts can impose a whopper of a fine, long jail terms, and restitution to affected parties to the point you no longer have a house to live in or a car to drive.

Well there you have it. You had a look at my attempt at creating 20 questions dealing with regulations for the Professional Mechanics Test. Each question was based on the AMT articles I have written and the questions that I ask mechanics during my IA seminars. If you answered 10 of them correctly you still did not pass the test but you are running about average. If you got less than eight questions right, well then my friend you are in trouble, and I recommend that you better start reading the AC and Orders that I referenced to get yourself up to speed. In closing, if anyone is interested in discussing the establishment of an industry developed and managed Professional Mechanics Test, then I am available. I will support anyone’s honest effort whose goal is to ensure that both the industry and the flying public recognize aircraft maintenance as a professional career.

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