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The water-assisted stripping process (WASP) developed by Vapormatt is designed to speed up and streamline the degreasing, cleaning, and de-painting of aircraft wheels during regular maintenance operations. WASP is a solvent- and dust-free process that employs an operator-safe cleaning solution of water, detergent, and soft plastic media. It is projected at the wheel through a special blast nozzle which is manipulated by hand. When used at low pressure, the process doesn’t damage coated or anodized substrates, removing grease, oil, carbon, and brake dust deposits. At high pressure, the process provides paint stripping and contamination removal. For more information visit vapormatt.

Welding Hose Reels

Coxreels’ 100W Series compact hand crank welding hose reels conveniently store 100 feet of 1/4-inch twin-line oxy-acetylene or t-grade welding hose. Its lightweight, compact design features direct hand crank rewind supported by a sturdy U-shaped base for maximum rigidity. The special proprietary dual ported brass swivel, designed by Coxreels, is machined from solid and offers both connections from one side of the reel. Composite bearings offer a smooth rotation and the brake assembly provides an adjustable friction brake that can be tightened to lock the drum. For more information visit coxreelsor call (800) 269-7335.

Work Light

The Strait-Line Grip-Light is designed with a unique 10-inch large capacity jaw, allowing you to securely clamp the light virtually anywhere; providing cool fluorescent light exactly where you need it most — on your work. The Grip-Light’s fluorescent bulbs last up to 10,000 hours and remain cool to the touch when in use. It features a shatter-resistant lens, rubber end caps, additional power outlet, and one-year limited warranty. For more information visit strait-line.

Water-Cooled Tig Torch

For higher amperage applications requiring flexibility and reliability, Weldcraft offers its CS410, 410-amp water-cooled TIG torch. The CS410 increases amperage output without increasing torch size to improve handling and control on a variety of welding applications. In addition to its compact size, it features ColorSmart color-coded hose sets to help welding operators quickly identify input water (blue), return water/power cable (red) and gas (black), which allows for efficient torch package installation on select welding machines. It is available with 12.5- and 25-foot cable lengths. For more information visit weldcraft or call (800) 752-7620.

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