Products of the Month

TIG/Stick Welder

Miller Electric’s Syncrowave 200 AC/DC TIG/stick welder features an extended power range for welding thicker materials (up to 1/4-inch aluminum in AC TIG. It helps operators enhance weld appearance with an easy-to-use, built-in pulse control that also helps eliminate burn-through and distortion. The Syncrowave 200 tailors its arc starts with Syncro Start, a selectable arc start condition feature. Other features include Fan-On-Demand, Auto-Postflow, Adaptive Hot Start for stick arc starts, and a 115-volt auxiliary power receptacle located on the front of the machine. The Syncrowave 200 provides 5- to 200-amp output power (150 amps at 40 percent duty cycle). For more information visit millerweldsor call (800) 426-4553.

Cable Tensiometer

Barfield expands its line with a cable tensiometer designed for testing and measuring tension of aircraft cables. The hand-held tool provides accurate readings for both American (pound) and international (Newtons) cabling measurements. It offers a precise method for measuring the existing tension in cables from 1/16 to 1/4 inch as well as from CWT5 to CWT45 (European standard). An entire testing operation can be done with one hand without using conversion tables. It is operated by a self-contained rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 16-hour minimum operational life as well as a 10-minute automatic shutoff feature. For more information visit barfieldinc.

Heat Gun/Soldering Iron Kit

The Malcom MCH-100 portable, battery-powered heat gun and soldering iron kit features a 48-volt rechargeable battery pack housed in a rugged carrying case equipped with a 9-foot cable for connecting each tool. Providing a complete package for electronic field repairs, the hot air gun reaches 1,350 F for installing heat-shrinkable tubing, boots, and solder sleeves, while the soldering iron can perform a variety of different repairs. The heat gun features interchangeable heating elements from 200 to 400 watts, a built-in motor with a fan to provide 2.66 cfm airflow, and comes with four different nozzles for most applications. For more information visit malcom or call (888) 807-4030.

Mobile Storage Cabinet/Workstations

Two mobile storage cabinet/workstations have been added to Durham’s line. Both are designed to combine compact, secure storage with a work surface and mobility. One model offers eight lockable drawers and the other offers four lockable drawers and a single shelf compartment with a lockable door. Locks are all keyed alike. Both feature heavy-duty, all-welded, 16-gauge steel construction and measure 46 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 34 inches high with a 3-inch lip on the back of the top surface for work retention. It has 5-inch by 1 1/4-inch polyurethane bolt-on casters, two swivel, two rigid, and push handles to provide easy, effortless movement. For more information visit durhammfg or call (800) 243-3774.

Fuel Nozzle Tester

Pratt & Whitney Tool Support Services offers the updated PWC90086 PT6 Simplex fuel nozzle spray chamber. It is stored in a self-contained, heavy-duty portable case. Standard shop air service is all that is required for nozzle spray cone inspection. Fuel nozzles are loaded and positioned quickly into a specially designed fixture. The spray cone is illuminated from below for better visual inspection. Operating instructions are built directly into the unit for easy, first-time operation. For more information contact John Lemire at (860) 610-2664.

RVSM Air Data Test Set

The DMA-Aero MPS35 is a fully RVSM compliant test set capable of controlling three pressures separately and independently: static, pitot, and angle of attack. The MPS35 is ideal for flightline use for aircraft that incorporate pneumatic AOA measurement. The angle of attack pressure can be displayed either in pressure units or directly in degrees of AOA with 0.1 degree resolution. The MPS35 is configured to control up to eight lines isolation, two for static, two for AOA. When AOA is not required MPS35 can control the switching of four static lines plus four pitot lines in any combination. It has a recommended calibration cycle of one year. For more information visit dma-aero.

Auto-Darkening Helmet

Miller Electric offers an addition to the Big Window Elite Series: the Inferno. For professionals and hobbyists alike, the Inferno provides the maximum viewing capacity, is lightweight, comfortable, and offers light-state clarity and exceptional battery life. It features the Performance Series Lens technology, including replaceable batteries with solar assist for exceptionally long life (3,000 hours on MIG) with no recharging required. The Inferno easily handles low-amperage DC inverter and TIG applications (5 amps and below) and has a reaction time of 1/20,000 second. For more information visit millerweldsor call (800) 426-4553.

Locking Tools

Irwin Vise-Grip Fast Release locking tools with patented one-hand release technology delivers the trusted strength of VISE-GRIP locking tools with a handle that is easier to open, resulting in improved speed and efficiency on the job. It unlocks from any angle without needing to press a trigger, making it ideal for professionals who work in tight spaces. The Fast Release locking tool also offers more finger room to accommodate large hands and professionals who wear gloves. For more information visit irwin.

Shop Storage System

The MTech System by SteelHead Design can be customized to maximize shop storage and efficiency. Available in many different combinations, it can be reconfigured quickly and easily as needs change, so the system never becomes obsolete. Cabinets are available with drawers and slide-out shelves for secure storage of parts and tools as well as computers and electronic equipment. Shelf units have special features to accommodate electronic equipment, including rear cable access with secured door, and louvers for ventilation. Stackable cabinets are adaptable for a wide variety of uses. MTech workbench/tables can be freestanding or may be attached to one or more cabinets. Adjustable height for standing or sitting worksurface. Full-extension drawers and shelves feature ball-bearing slides. Constructed with heavy 16-gauge stainless steel or powder-coated steel. Color-matching is available. Cabinet is fully welded for strength and easy setup. For more information visit steelheadesign or call (800) 261-0761.

Tapping Tools

Klein Tools adds four tapping tools to its product line, three Cushion-Grip Triple Taps (Cat. Nos. 623-20, 623-24, 623-32) and one Cushion-Grip Six-In-One Tap (Cat. No. 626). Featuring Cushion-Grip handles for greater torque and comfort, all four tapping tools form new threads, reform burred or damaged threads, clean out obstructions, and automatically re-thread to the next larger size if threads are stripped. Each triple tap tool accommodates three tap sizes: Cat. No. 623-20 threads 10-24, 12-24, and 1/4-20; Cat. No. 623-24 threads 6-32, 8-32, and 10-24; and Cat. No. 623-32 threads 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32. The six-in-one tap tool accommodates six tap sizes: 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 12-24, and 1/4-20. Klein Tools also offers replacement taps. For more information visit kleintools or call (800) 553-4676.

Miniature Pliers

Stanley-Proto now has a versatile line of small ESD pliers for use in electronics assembly, toolmaking, and precision repair work. The line includes diagonal, angled, and end cutters, needle nose, duckbill, and looping pliers. The pliers are between 4 1/2 and 5 3/4 inches long (compared to 6 to 10 inches for standard models) and have jaw widths of less than 1/2 inch. They come in semi-flush edge and flush-edge designs. The pliers have a unique dual-leaf spring design that automatically opens the jaws when the user relaxes his grip. This makes them perfect for repetitive-use applications. The line consists of 19 unique SKUs: 17 individual tools and two sets. The sets consist of four and six mini pliers in a zippered case. For more information visit stanleyproto or call (800) 800-8665 (TOOL).


Wiha Tools offers Soft Grip dual drive ball end hex inch and metric T-handles with hard chrome finish blade. The ergonomic design of the Soft Grip T-handles are comfortable to hold. With fewer pressure points and less strain on the user, the Soft Grip T-handles offer maximum working comfort. Two-component Soft Grip handle allows for maximum comfort and maximum power. Molded-on handles give a full T-handle grip and through the handle side torque drive. When using the side blade, a supporting hand on the handle produces additional stability. This prevents the blade from suddenly slipping out of the screw head, better for both blade and screw. The integrated side blade is particularly useful when loosening or tightening screws that are rusted-in, glued into position, or particularly hard to move. Ball end on long arm for speedy insertion and angle entry. Chrome finish blades guarantee optimum corrosion protection and a long service life for the whole blade. For more information visit wihatools or call (800) 494-6104.

Torque Tools

Wera offers three torque tools: a range of adjustable torque screwdrivers, preset adjustable torque screwdrivers, and the Torque-indicators with preset torque values and tip sizes. Each style is available in the Kraftform handle, which is ergonomically correct to provide a firm and comfortable grip, and the Kraftform pistol handle, which is best-suited for higher torque requirements. A new brochure featuring the torque tools is available. For more information visit weratools or call (800) 267-5541.

Portable Spill Kit

New Pig Corp. offers the PIG Portable Spill Kit in a Tote Bag for fast and easy response to small, non-aggressive spills of up to 6 gallons. Constructed of durable double-wall vinyl-coated canvas, it features a wide-opening mouth and self-standing design. In addition to PIG Mat and PIG Socks, this MRO kit includes personal protective equipment to shield a single spill responder, PIG multipurpose repair putty, and temporary disposal bags for used absorbents and PPE. For more information visit newpig or call (800) 468-4647.

Ratcheting Tube Cutter

Stride Tool introduces the Imperial TC-1050RH Ratcheting Mini Tube cutter. This is a unique tool in which the tube cutter can be removed from the ratcheting handle. The ratcheting tube cutter is designed for 1/8- to 5/8-inch outside diameter tubing, and has a minimal clearance radius of 1 1/4 inches. Perfect for working in close conditions. Ratcheting handle makes it simpler and easier to complete a revolution, while providing the leverage of a standard tube cutter. The TC-1050 is easy to install or remove, and snaps into place in seconds. For more information call (440) 247-4600 or visit stridetoo.

Aircraft Cleaner

AV-8 from Spray Nine Corp. is a Type IV cleaner that provides effective cleaning with less environmental impact than its Type I counterparts. It cleans and degreases painted and unpainted aircraft exteriors, aerospace ground equipment and engines with a blend of corrosion inhibitors. AV-8 is noncorrosive, noncombustible, nonflammable, and biodegradable. It conforms to Mil Spec MIL PRF-87937 Type IV and Air Force Technical Orders 1-1-691, 35-1-12, 35-1-3, and -23 or equivalents. It is available in 24-ounce, 5-gallon, 55-gallon, 220-gallon tote, and 275-gallon tote. For more information visit spraynine or call (800) 477-7299, Ext. 120.

Gas Monitor

The EntryRAE confined space entry monitor is a four-gas monitor plus photoionization detector (PID) available from RAE Systems. It measures combustibles, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. It is simple to operate and easy to calibrate. Automatic datalogging is included. It features bright red flashing LED and audible alarms and offers up to 16 hours of continuous operation. Optional accessory kits are available with a hard transport case, toolkit, and sampling wand. For more information visit raesystems or call (877) 723-2878.

Universal Shroud

Clayton’s Universal Shroud fits right angle or straight line grinders making dust control possible for existing tools. It effectively eliminates airborne dust and captures most heavy particles while protecting workers and the environment from airborne hazardous dust, e.g. hexavalent chromium, lead, and cadmium. The edge of the abrasive disc is visible as the shroud swivels freely on the shaft keeping the hose out of the way. Its compact size makes it highly maneuverable and ideal for working in tight areas. Available in 1-, 2- or 3-inch sizes. GSA pricing is available. For more information visit jclaytonor call (800) 248-8650.

Grounding Clamp

The Bond-Rite grounding clamp from Newson-Gale protects against static electricity buildup in mobile or portable equipment. It creates and continuously monitors a low-resistance connection to ground, providing visual verification through a flashing LED indicator. Its tungsten carbide teeth and unique clamping action bite through insulating layers such as coated surfaces and built-up paint, resins, and adhesives. It is made of 316L stainless steel and is powered by a long-life lithium battery. For more information visit newson-gale.

Pocket Driver

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories launches the ultra-compact LITHEON 10.8-volt Pocket Driver (PS20). Forty-percent lighter and 33 percent more productive than other ultra-compact drill/drivers, it is small enough to fit into a tool belt pouch and lightweight and powerful enough to accomplish a majority of professional drill/driving tasks. The Pocket Driver can drive 100 3-inch screws per charge and drill holes up to 1/2-inch in diameter, more than enough to keep most professionals productive through the day. The variable speed trigger controls 0-400 rpm and more than 80-inch/pounds of torque. A clutch system, similar to those of standard drill/drivers, offers 10 drive and one “Max” drill setting for better control. The tool’s Clic-Change bit holder makes 1/4-inch hex shank bits changes quick and easy. And a LED light enhances visibility in dim working conditions, while a soft-grip handle makes the tool more comfortable for all day use. Comes complete with two batteries, 30-minute charger, soft carrying case and two bits. For more information visit boschtools or call (877) 267-2499.


Instrument Technology Inc. offers Model 128006, a 6 mm articulating, flexible videoscope designed to reach into small, previously unreachable places. It delivers clear, bright images and comes with a kit that is portable and features a 10-inch high-resolution, color LCD display. It features ProTechT, a patented overtorque protection system for smooth articulation control that minimizes accidental cable breakage and reduces cable wear while increasing sensitivity and allowing for articulation of within 120 degrees. It also has electronic and digital zoom and long-time exposure in a range of seven increments. For more information visit scopes.

Torque Tool Tester

The torque tool tester Series 3 (TTT3) from Norbar Torque Tools has three transducer inputs to accommodate torque wrenches of all sizes. Selecting a transducer is a simple matter of rotating a switch and the torque capacity of the selected transducer is confirmed on screen, The instrument operates in all common torque measurement units. Users can also set up their own units to work with virtually any strain gauged transducer. The number of target limit values that can be set has been increased from eight to 12. The TTT3 features a pictorial display panel and a membrane keypad for simple selection of operating modes. For more information visit norbar.

Water-Assisted Stripping Process

The water-assisted stripping process (WASP) developed by Vapormatt is designed to speed up and streamline the degreasing, cleaning, and de-painting of aircraft wheels during regular maintenance operations. WASP is a solvent- and dust-free process that employs an operator-safe cleaning solution of water, detergent, and soft plastic media. It is projected at the wheel through a special blast nozzle which is manipulated by hand. When used at low pressure, the process doesn’t damage coated or anodized substrates, removing grease, oil, carbon, and brake dust deposits. At high pressure, the process provides paint stripping and contamination removal. For more information visit vapormatt.

Welding Hose Reels

Coxreels’ 100W Series compact hand crank welding hose reels conveniently store 100 feet of 1/4-inch twin-line oxy-acetylene or t-grade welding hose. Its lightweight, compact design features direct hand crank rewind supported by a sturdy U-shaped base for maximum rigidity. The special proprietary dual ported brass swivel, designed by Coxreels, is machined from solid and offers both connections from one side of the reel. Composite bearings offer a smooth rotation and the brake assembly provides an adjustable friction brake that can be tightened to lock the drum. For more information visit coxreelsor call (800) 269-7335.

Work Light

The Strait-Line Grip-Light is designed with a unique 10-inch large capacity jaw, allowing you to securely clamp the light virtually anywhere; providing cool fluorescent light exactly where you need it most — on your work. The Grip-Light’s fluorescent bulbs last up to 10,000 hours and remain cool to the touch when in use. It features a shatter-resistant lens, rubber end caps, additional power outlet, and one-year limited warranty. For more information visit strait-line.

Water-Cooled Tig Torch

For higher amperage applications requiring flexibility and reliability, Weldcraft offers its CS410, 410-amp water-cooled TIG torch. The CS410 increases amperage output without increasing torch size to improve handling and control on a variety of welding applications. In addition to its compact size, it features ColorSmart color-coded hose sets to help welding operators quickly identify input water (blue), return water/power cable (red) and gas (black), which allows for efficient torch package installation on select welding machines. It is available with 12.5- and 25-foot cable lengths. For more information visit weldcraft or call (800) 752-7620.