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Online degree programs are one way that people already in the workforce can work toward a college degree or an advanced degree.

You’ve probably seen the commercials. “Earn your college degree online!” “Just a few easy steps toward a degree.” Employers look favorably upon job candidates who have a college education. Online degree programs are one way that people already in the workforce can work toward a college degree or an advanced degree. But is taking online courses right for you? What are some of the benefits or disadvantages to taking online courses versus attending traditional institutions?

Why online?

Distance learning eliminates many of the barriers that keep many adults already in the workplace from advancing their education. Online courses give students the flexibility to schedule their coursework at times that fit with their work schedules. This flexibility in scheduling makes online college courses ideal for adults wishing to expand their education. It’s the best of two worlds — they can pursue a degree without having to give up a job and income.

For current students, online courses provide the opportunity to take courses they would otherwise not be able to schedule in. A student might not be able to add another class during the week because he or she has a full schedule of classes and work. But a weekend may afford extra time for an additional class. An online course would give that student much more flexibility in course scheduling. Here are a few universities that offer online degree programs.

Eastern New Mexico University Roswell

Eastern New Mexico University Roswell (ENMUR) has an online degree program geared specifically for aircraft maintenance professionals. The degree is an associate’s degree in applied science. The university offers credit hours for an A&P certificate. ENMUR is working on an online bachelor’s degree, but doesn’t currently offer a bachelor’s degree through online study.

I took a class through ENMUR last year. The purpose was twofold. First, I wanted to experience taking an online course. Second, I wanted to step back in the classroom to continue my own education. The course I took was University 101. It is a required course for all students. I must admit that when I first enrolled in the class I thought it would be a waste of time. I quickly realized that I was wrong. The class taught me important skills that are essential not only in school but also at work. Some of the things covered included study habits, communication skills, and memory skills. There were about 25 students in my class, the majority of them A&P mechanics.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) offers several courses online. It offers several distance learning degree programs through its extended campus. There are undergraduate associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as graduate degree programs available. The university also offers college credit for mechanics who have their A&P. There are several areas of study including professional aeronautics, aviation maintenance management, and occupational safety and health.

LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University offers several online degree programs including online undergraduate degrees in business administration and business management. It also offers an online MBA program. The university offers credit for work experience, although there is no set credit. Le Tourneau works with each individual student to assess their experience and determine the educational program that best fits their needs.

Do some research

Just as if you were looking to enroll in a college or university, you must do some research before you begin. Look into the colleges that offer online degree programs. If you are looking to further your aviation career, you may want to focus on universities that offer programs with an aviation focus. If you are interested in a general degree (say a bachelor’s in business administration), there are many universities that advertise online degree programs.

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