Introducing the FAA Safety Team

The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) will be launched on Oct. 1, 2006 coinciding with the sunset of the FAA's Aviation Safety Program (ASP).

FAASTeam members and others will come from our National Resource Center (NRC). The NRC is collocated with the FAA Production Studios in Lakeland, Florida. This facility has the ability to take new product ideas from any of our FAASTeam Members and turn them into safety products in a variety of media. Then, they are duplicated, stored, and shipped (or beamed via satellite) wherever they are needed.

The Flight Standards Service has always been a world leader in aviation safety. Launching the FAASTeam is one more strategic step in supporting the FAA Administrator's goal of having the safest aviation system in the world. Go to for more information about the FAASTeam and sign up to receive important aviation safety information via e-mail. It's the first step to becoming part of the FAASTeam.

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