Do I Need to Have an MEL?

In this issue we will look at the regulations that govern the operation of an aircraft when instruments and or equipment are inoperative.

How Long Can Items Be Deferred?

For Part 135 MEL deferrals, the deferral categories define the term of a deferral. There are four different categories; A - the deferral period defined in the comments column of the MEL, B - three days, C - 10 days, and D - 120 days.

In closing, to operate an aircraft with inoperative instruments or equipment you have to comply with the requirements of 14 CFR Part 91.213. The most neglected part of the fleet as we see it right now is the turbine-powered fleet operating under Part 91. We've seen very few Part 91 turbine operators exercise the right to utilize the MEL process. If a Part 91 turbine operator ignores this requirement they will inevitably find themselves in situations where they must either correct equipment discrepancies immediately or fly "contrary to the regulation" until they can make the repairs. Please join me in encouraging more operators to take advantage of the use of an MEL to streamline their operations ultimately reducing their costs.

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