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COMPLIANCE RECORDS ATP's Navigator V is your single point of access for maintenance publication, ADs, SBs, FAA forms, and compliance records using ATP's powerful index and search capabilities. Features include EZ Update automatic Internet updates...

ATP's Navigator V is your single point of access for maintenance publication, ADs, SBs, FAA forms, and compliance records using ATP's powerful index and search capabilities. Features include EZ Update automatic Internet updates, My Library single point of access, and patented PowerTrack indexing system. You can network your libraries with LAN/WAN capability, track aircraft compliance, and simplify your maintenance processes. For more information visit or call (415) 330- 9500.

Aircraft Maintenance and Inventory Managers are software programs designed for aircraft operators, maintenance/repair/ overhaul shops (MRO), and manufacturers. They cover all aircraft maintenance and parts tracking needs. They are flexible and user-friendly, cost-effective, and time-efficient paperless solution. Created by mechanics, for mechanics, the programs provide reliable maintenance and inventory control. For more information visit or call (888) 471-0252.

Aviation Computer Media's "FAA Regulatory Maintenance Library" on CD-ROM features large/small Airworthiness Directives, AD-related Service Bulletins (small aircraft), TCDS & STCs, FARs and Alerts, selected Advisory Circulars, and various FAA forms. For more information visit

CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software from Continuum Applied Technology is designed for any aviation service provider from FBOs to repair stations to operators. There are versions to meet any specialty or business size. Enterprise and ASP (Internet based) packages are available. With its unique modular design, it can manage work orders, line service, inventory, compliance and more. CORRIDOR was designed and developed by industry professionals specifically for aviation. It handles all business functions and operations in real time. Support services are available. For more information visit or call (512) 918-8900.

PENTAGON 2000 Software Inc. is a leading vendor of enterprise software systems used in the aerospace, electronics, defense, and related high technology industries. Its software provides fully integrated control and visibility within and across an enterprise, enabling significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and financial performance. For close to 20 years, it has focused on creating software that fully supports the day-to-day operational requirements and strategic vision of hundreds of companies worldwide. For more information visit or call (800) 643-1806.

MX System from QAV Aviation Systems provides capabilities for maintenance component and document tracking, reliability analysis, maintenance planning, flight log, maintenance control, purchasing and inventory control, and more. Features include functional demo via mail or online, component tracking and document compliance monitoring, real-time reflection of time remaining linked with logpage entries, integrates components forecasting into workscope planning schedules, requisitions, quotations, purchase orders, repair orders, and inventory, linked to Quick AD for AD information. For more information visit

Omega Airline's Ames software enables airlines to maximize aircraft availability and minimize maintenance costs through optimized planning. Ames also supports analysis and easy distribution of the maintenance schedule. The software includes long-range maintenance planning and offers unlimited what-if scenarios. It is compatible with any fleet type and allows for an easy distribution of maintenance schedule information. A complete set of tools for maintenance plan analysis is available. For more information call (972) 775-3693 or visit

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    For technical support contact Pam Anderson, Director Customer Support, at (770) 419-1399 or 100 percent customer satisfaction. Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST.

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