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UNIVERSAL ADAPTER KIT The Hecat FAD-100 Universal A/C adapter kit includes support plates for many tube, hose, and stub connections. Internal flow path allows for high volume flushing. It features hard UHMW durable sealing cones and rubber cones...

The QuickShaper Mark II English Wheel from Fournier Enterprises is a multi-task English wheel designed for metal work professionals and hobbyists. Ideal for use where space and time are at a premium. Features include 32-inch throat, quick-release CAM mechanism, six lower anvils standard, foot-operated shrinker/ stretcher, custom lower storage area, and choice of one large forming head. For more information visit www.fournierenterprises. com.

Red Shop Rags from ERC Wiping Products are a low lint, all purpose rag option. They are 16" x 16", available in pop-up bags, 50-pound boxes, or by the bale. All pieces are low in lint, absorbent, and uniform in size. They are available in convenient 50 count pop-up bags. For more information visit or call (800) 225-9473.

The Vertical Build Station, PN 168- 1000, is a variable height, aboveground workstation from Atec that enables technicians to support vertical turbine engine assembly and maintenance. The VBS uses a proven, lifting system for managing heavy loads without costly in-ground subsystems. The environmentally friendly unit features gravity-assisted assembly, adjustable footing, and lower cost and ability to relocate. It eliminates costly equipment in pit and increases worker productivity and safety. For more information visit or call (866)753-2384.

Advanced Ultrasonics offers a solution to parts cleaning using soap and water only along with ultrasonic sound to clean parts faster, cleaner, and with almost no labor input. The parts cleaner has all stainless-steel construction. It features extremely low waste stream, programmable timers for heaters and sonics, and has a one-year full warranty. It will not harm plastics, rubber, metals, etc. It uses no petrochemicals. For more information visit or call (702) 845-3376.

The MART Corp. has developed a complete line of cabinet style wash machines that safely clean all aircraft parts by blasting mild hot soap solution at high impact pressure. The process eliminates brushes and mechanical scrubbing. Typical parts cleaned in a MART system include four wheel halves clean in 12 minutes without brushes, brake assemblies for prewash or final clean of components, loads of bearings, landing gears of all sizes, and all engine parts including hot sections and turbine vanes. For more information call (800) 543-6278 or visit

Aviation Laboratories provides lubricants, cleaners, and polishes specifically to the aviation industry. Its chemicals meet the stringent requirements of the FAA and MIL spec. AVL lubricants and cleaners are formulated specifically for the aviation industry and are inexpensive alternatives to other brands. Aviation Laboratories offers one of the best-selling fuel deicers in the general aviation industry. For more information call (713) 864-6677 or visit

The Hecat FAC-400 A/C component flusher will blast out contamination and waste oils. Proven and in service in many aircraft maintenance facilities around the world. It features a patented "pulsating" scrubbing action, lifetime warranty, cost-effective solvent recycling, and operates with compressed air. For more information visit or call (800) 380-9501.

The Ultratorch Model UT-100Si from Master Appliance is a professional quality, self-igniting, refillable, butane gas-powered soldering iron, and flameless heat tool. It is ideal for use with today's lead-free solder. It features oxygen-free, copper-based Ultratip soldering tips, with thick iron and chrome plating for long life and high thermal conductivity. It is butane powered for complete portability. Other features include self-ignition with push button for fast, easy starting; adjustable temperature control; and built-in window to indicate fuel level. For more information visit or email

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