Airframe Parts and Accessories

STARTER GENERATOR COMPONENTS is a leading independent global stocking distributor specializing in the sale of new and overhauled starter generator related components for small to medium size turbine-powered fixed wing aircraft...

STARTER GENERATOR COMPONENTS is a leading independent global stocking distributor specializing in the sale of new and overhauled starter generator related components for small to medium size turbine-powered fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. It is a Unison-APC division authorized distributor. For more information visit www.startergenerator. com.

The UV water sterilization unit from Indianapolis Jet Center kills harmful bacteria in potable water and improves potable water quality. It eliminates expensive water filters and is easily maintained. For more information visit or call (210) 602-3899.

Chestnut Ridge Foam offers AIRFLEX fire-resistant seat cushioning. It is cut to shape and eliminates expensive fireblocking fabrics. AIRFLEX is internal fire testing certified to FAR 25.853 (a) and (c), including TSO-C72c flotation testing. Features include weight reduction, variation in firmness to optimize comfort, durability, and support, and elimination of secondary and costly fire barrier fabrics. For more information visit visit

Worldwide Helicopter Solutions offers sales and consignment of new, used, and surplus parts and equipment for helicopters and airplanes, including AFCS, EFIS, and RF.

  • Specializing in equipment for older aircraft
  • Domestic delivery in seven to 10 business days with fresh tags
  • Equipment serviced and tagged by manufacturer or authorized facility
  • Warranty provided on most used and surplus equipment
  • Installation design and certification assistance available
  • Web site listing and marketing of your surplus equipment

For more information visit

Steve's Aircraft has expanded its gascolators to a total of 12 models. Its AML now has more than 400 listed aircraft models covered under its STC/PMA. Features include CNC milled aluminum, O-ring sealed, and easy maintenance. There is a large approved model list (more than 400 models covered): 3/8- and 1/2-inch models, great for homebuilders and 3- and 4-ounce bowls plus a remote drainable 4-ounce bowl. For more information visit or call (541) 826-9729.

Duncan Aviation offers high-quality rotables and avionics exchange units for corporate jet aircraft, engines, landing gear, and all parts in-between. It has 19 salespeople and 50 years in the business and features same-day shipping, top quality, competitive pricing, and award-winning service. For more information visit or call (402) 479-4202.

Kelly Aerospace offers both OEM new and rebuilt Janitrol heaters. Units are rebuilt to factory new tolerances and upgraded to the latest model configuration with a new serial number. Each rebuilt includes a new "CermaKote" combustion tube and more efficient/lightweight permanent magnet blower motor. It eliminates FAA AD 96-20-07 and the newly designed air pressure switch complies with FAA AD Note 96-20-07. The heaters have three-year, 1,000-hour limited warranty, 1,500-hour TBO. Upgrade to the latest revision level. No bill backs for old style core returns. For more information visit or call (877) FLY-KELLY.

Purolator Facet Inc. designs and manufactures filters, elements, indicators and switches, acoustic media, and transducers/sensors for the aerospace industry for engine, airframe, and component manufacturers. The company offers custom-designed filters; and FAA/PMA approved filters and elements. For more information visit or call (336) 217-3811.

Rapco dry air pumps now have an inspection port. The port is easily accessible on the top of the pump and features the Smart Stick, a go-no go gauge that helps determine pump life. Benefits include longer life and lower cost. Rapco offers technical support and a worldwide distribution network. For more information call (800) 527-2726 or visit

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