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PORTABLE DIGITAL MICROHMMETER Cropico’s DO7010 portable digital microhmmeter ensures maximum low resistance measurement reliability and user-friendly features, with a rugged and compact design. The instrument is built for...


GearWrench offers the X-Beam, a patent-protected wrench handle design that increases hand contact area by up to 500 percent over traditional wrenches, providing greater comfort and control for the user. One end of the X-Beam wrench is forged at a 90-degree angle from the other end, and the tapered handle is thicker on both sides than a standard wrench. Whether working with the box-end or the open-end, the user will grasp the wider side of wrench beam instead of a thin handle edge as with traditionally designed flat wrenches. The wrench also features a 75 percent reduction in silhouette clearance (open-end outline), which allows access into tight spaces. The metric sizes will range from 8 to 19 millimeters. The SAE sizes will include 1/4 to 3/4 inch. The wrenches will sell in five-, nine-, and 12-piece sets. For more information visit or call (800) 688-8949.


Shure Manufacturing Corp.’s Custom Series workbenches are available as stationary, portable, or wall-mount. The large storage area can be provided as open, two sliding doors, or two sliding doors and two drawers. The 60-inch bench top is available in different working surfaces. The most popular is the heavy-duty steel top. A stainless-steel top is also available over a wood core. A hardwood maple top is also available. A powder coat paint finish is available in 22 signature colors. Accessories include ShureGuard rubber mats, locks, vises, and tool boards. The portable and stationary models measure 60 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 34 inches high. For more information visit or call (800) 227-4873.


Bosch Power Tools and Accessories 1944LCDK Heat Gun Kit features a digital programming capability and easyto- read LCD display. The 13-amp heat gun provides 109 temperature settings ranging from 120 F to 1,200 F in 10-degree increments and 10 airflow settings ranging from 8.8 to 17.6 cubic feet per minute (cfm). Both temperature and airflow are clearly shown in the new easy-to-read LCD display. With more than 1,000 different temperature and blower combinations available, the right level of heat and airflow can be stored for just about any application. The model’s programming capability not only prevents overheating, but also the endless frustration associated with ruined work. It weighs in at only 2 pounds and also offers a contoured soft grip area for exceptional comfort. The complete kit comes with its own hard case. For more information visit us or call (877) 267-2499.


Products’ Vessel GT-AS100 compact air saw was designed with the end user in mind. Its ergonomic design fits easily into the palm of the hand. The rubber grip not only dampens the vibration but also allows the end user to grip the tool in cold weather situations. It weighs a little more than a pound, yet produces 10,000 spm for high-speed cutting. The list of available accessories include: a chipper, various scraper attachments, and file attachments for removing burs. Changing of the blades is often quite difficult with other air saws. The Vessel GT-AS100 is designed so that the end user has easy access to the blade clamp. The blade guard is designed to provide quick and easy access to the blade clamp. The dial airflow control, quickly and easily, controls the speed of the cut. The combination of these two features helps reduce downtime while on the job. For more information visit

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