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PORTABLE DIGITAL MICROHMMETER Cropico’s DO7010 portable digital microhmmeter ensures maximum low resistance measurement reliability and user-friendly features, with a rugged and compact design. The instrument is built for...

In order to reduce the risks associated with refilling aviation breathing bottles and in conjunction with its longstanding desire to provide the best equipment, Interface Devices Inc. has redesigned the OB- 30 oxygen booster with several new components and material upgrades. It now has coalescing filters to reduce contamination from compressor oil, a frequent occurrence in compressed air systems. Fire-resistant brass parts have replaced aluminum and stainless-steel components, which can be combustible in oxygen enriched environments. Users of the older model OB-30 with aluminum booster sections are strongly encouraged to stop using the units and to return them to Interface Devices Inc. for upgrades and recertification. For more information visit or or call (800) 539-0885.


The Delta H Systems DCAHT series of heat-treating furnaces/ovens is designed specifically to meet aerospace pyrometry standards for solution HT, aging and annealing. Features include: innovative compact design, low-cost operation, simple to use controls, and certification procedures. Ideal for repair and manufacturing facilities needing in-house or additional heat-treating capability. For more information call (614) 833-9990 or visit


No. 982 is a 1,000 F, electrically heated rotary hearth oven from The Grieve Corp., currently used for heat treating machined metal shafts at a customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions measure 24” W x 11” D x 30” H with a 26- inch diameter hearth constructed from overlapping steel plates with 24 pipes holding pin inserts to support the workpieces. 24 KW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements provide power, while a 1,000 cfm, 1-hp recirculating blower provides radiant horizontal airflow to the workload. An additional cooling blower is mounted beneath the loading table to cool the parts in the front middle three positions of the hearth. The hearth is driven by a 1/4-hp motor through a gear reducer with torque limiting device, variable from 0.1 to 0.5 revolutions per hour. A loading table is provided in front of the oven to hold extra pin inserts (shown in photo). For more information visit www. or call (847) 546-8225.


For users who need a quick and easy way to protect their tools in transit, Pelican Products Inc. offers a readymade custom foam solution that sets up in seconds. When liquids inside the packets are mixed, a fully recyclable, shock-absorbent foam barrier is formed to protect virtually any object. Available in five sizes, (the largest can cover an area up to 20” x 30”) the foam will fit a wide variety of Pelican Protector Case models. Additionally, the Instapak can work in conjunction with Pelican’s Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam which comes standard in most models. The case sports a trademarked “Dual Band” design and a polymer cell-core wall construction. To ensure easy access, the cases are designed with industrialstrength “double throw” latches that can withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure yet open with a light pull. Additional standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer oring for a dust and waterproof seal, and an automatic Gore-TEX pressure equalization valve, that stops moisture from entering and prevents vacuum-lock so the case opens easily at any altitude. For more information visit or call (800) 473-5422.


The Pentadyne VSS+DC is an advanced DC flywheel power system that stores energy kinetically instead of chemically, delivering stable, reliable, DC voltage for applications where power continuity is critical. Flywheel energy systems can eliminate the need for hazardous, maintenance-laden batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, or they can be deployed as the first line of defense with battery arrays to dramatically improve battery longevity and reliability. The flywheel system provides sufficient ride-through for short duration utility power outages (98 percent of which last less than 10 seconds) or until a backup generator can come online. Capable of supplying a 225 kVA load for more than 12 seconds (longer for lower demand), each VSS+DC module can be seamlessly paralleled without any communications gear for higher output, redundancy, and/or longer duration power requirements. For more information visit www. or call (818) 350-0370.

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