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The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer or visit .

A One-Piece Hydraulic Door which features a self-supporting header frame is now available from Schweiss Bi-fold Doors. Designed to allow the customer to fit the door to the existing building without revamping the supporting structure of the building. Features include: minimum 4-inch headroom; adapts to any new or existing building; available in any size; pre-built with a bottom truss to give added strength and rigidity;

An Approach Plate Stiffener is available from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Insert the product into a yoke-mounted chart clip, then slide in any approach plate. The chart will remain flat so a pilot can keep both hands free and still read it. The small, lightweight plastic design takes up no extra space and is designed not to interfere with the yoke;

The ECO-HPS™ from Tennant is designed to be an environmentally friendly urethane topcoat that is for aircraft hangars and other high-profile applications. Eco-HPS offers chemical resistance to punishing chemicals, Skydrol®, and jet fuels. It also offers UV light stability;

The CTG-1 clock controlled tone generator designed to provide accurately timed alert tones or buzzer sounds over an existing paging system is available from Viking Electronics.The CTG-1 can be programmed to output single, double or triple alert tones or buzzer sounds with up to 128 events in a 24 hour period. Each day of the week can be programmed to either on or off, allowing you to turn off the alert tones during specific days of the week. The CTG-1 has three contact closure inputs for triggering an emergency siren, evacuation signal, or a door bell sound;

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