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The Parallax Aircraft Docking System (PADS), a visual guidance docking system that can be used by both pilots on an incoming aicraft and is visible to pilots in all weather conditions, is introduced by the ASM Group. PADS is a group static system that combines the principles of parallax with the latest LED technology to provide clear stand centerline guidance and stopping information on one display. PADS displays individual aircraft type, aximuth pointer, and stopping position information. Can be individually configured by both pilots to each stand and for a range of different aircraft types;

The New Type 3639 Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) from Bruel & Kjaer (B&K), a global partner of Rannoch, is now available. The noise monitor features an all-new outdoor microphone and enclosure design that is both rugged and lightweight. The monitor has all the modern options, including 1/2-second logging, 1/3-octave band analyses, sound recording, weather data logging, remote control, GPS, and wireless and solar power capability. Rannoch’s AirScene.NET platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new B&K monitoring terminals, providing airport users with state-of-the-art NOMS solutions;

Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems are available from CINTEC America. Designed to offer a customized solution for each application and masonry substrate to provide maximum resistance to explosions;

The Flatlite® electroluminescent (EL) light is introduced by E-Lite Technologies. Available on a coil up to 300 feet long, the product is 0.025 inches thick and is available in widths from 0.25 inches to 30 inches. Can be cut to size with hand tools and electrical connectors and located virtually anywhere on the lamp. Alows for ultra-thin backlighting, unique edge lighting, simple cove, cabinet, accent lighting, and egress applications. Available for indoor and outdoor use in eight colors;

Glo-Glov safety gloves are available from Emergency Responder Products. Designed to be highly-visible day or night, compact, lightweight, and to fit in a pocket; www.emergencyresponder

A New 1200 Series of Self-Contained, Gas-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers with an integrated welded roll cage designed to secure the heating coil and help protect the machine is available from Hotsy. All eight models of the 1200 series use diesel (or fuel oil) to heat water and produce cleaning power ranging from 3000 to 4000 PSI of water pressure and 4.3 to 5.6 GPM of flow volume;

The 2430 Mitylite Plus 4AA is available from Pelican Products, Inc. Features a high-powered Xenon bulb that blasts some 32 lumens for up to four hours of consecutive battery burn time. The 2430 is water resistant, constructed of rugged ABS Resin plastic, and is UL Class 1, Division 2 approved. Comes standard with a safety lanyard as well as a helmet clip for hard hat attachment and is backed by Pelican’s lifetime guarantee of excellence;

The SV-LCD50 liquid crystal display monitor, designed for heavy-duty mobile applications, is available from Safety Vision. Features a 5-inch diagonal screen and built-in control box. The monitor features two-camera input capacity and an adjustable speaker; turns on automatically when the transmission is put in reverse;

The TRAP (Temporary Roadblock Apparatus Pack) is designed to multi-task as a portable remote control or manned left or right hand checkpoint, access gate, roadblock, detour, high security parking and perimeter control device. One person can control up to four or more traps at a time, and with a remote control, authorized personnel can enter or egress secure areas without exiting their vehicle. TRAP also has options like radio-control, segmented reflective gates, solar charger, and a wireless IR day and night vision camera; www.batteryoperated

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