AOA Product Spotlight

Surf Prep, inc — Specializes in offering customers a wide range of services related to surface preparation for the purpose of installing different types of bonded overlays. The company also offers a new service, texturizing, designed to take an old asphalt or PCC surface which has become slippery with age and give it new life by mechanically shotblasting the surface. This enables the surface to once again be non-skid. Another service available is Ultra High Pressure Waterblasting (UHP), which is used widely in conjunction with obliterating paint from runways and taxiways;

Oshkosh Truck — Provides the H-Series™ chassis which features a 10” wider cockpit, 2 full-size doors, a larger windshield with no corner posts, enhanced wiper coverage, digital climate control, power windows and even cup holders. It is designed to deliver the performance, comfort, and safety customers ask for, and will integrate with an array of blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms;

Unimog North America — Unimog is designed to be a quick-change multi-tasking year-round implement carrier. Designed to enable an attachment change in very short order, Unimog can do the job of many single purpose vehicles. Powered and built by Mercedes-Benz, the Unimog can be ordered with factory hydraulics and live PTO. For even more versatility, the Unimog has the capability to go from .06 mph to 70 mph via 24 forward speeds and 22 reverse. With its all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and dual axle differential locks, it handles all weather situations.

Neubert Aero Corp (NAC) — Offers a tow-behind Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME). The Dynamic Friction Testing (DFT) device is a trailer-mounted system with an integrated water tank, designed to accurately measure the surface coefficient of friction. The FAA Certified CFME meets and exceeds Appendix 4 of FAA AC 150/5320-12C. The DFTTM, an all-inclusive tester, is equipped with the capability to separate the Mu(Roll) and Mu(Slip) values enabling the calculation of fluid drag properties of runway contamination. The unit utilizes WiFi (wireless fidelity) technology which eliminates the need for cables, and it is designed for testing in both summer and winter operations;

Eagle Integrated Solutions — Offers its WinterOps Pro, a combined hardware/software tool designed to manage snow events and improve winter airfield operation performance. Provides runway and condition reporting by combining sensors, GPS, and networking technologies. Allows real-time friction and temperature values to be shown for all parts of the airfield. System also provides automatic control and tracking of snow removal equipment.

M-B Companies — Designs and manufactures a complete line of runway brooms including multi-function units, front mount dedicated and multi-purpose units, towed brooms, tractor mounted broom, and loader mounted brooms. The company also manufactures a complete line of runway plows. M-B also offers a complete line of attachment brooms and pavement marking/striping equipment;

Flex-O-Lite — Offers a line of glass beads used in airport pavement striping and safety products. The exclusive Hi-Index Type III Airport glass bead is designed to provide better retroreflectiveness. Also designed to increase situational awareness;

Siemens Airfield Solutions — Offers the elevated L-810 LED fixture in three electrical options: the 120V AC, 60Hz option has a load of 57VA; the 95-264V AC option has a load of 21VA, making it 5.5 times as efficient as a traditional 116VA, 120V AC fixture; and the new 24-48V DC option.